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Monday, March 26, 2018

POLITICS AS USUAL: AGGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVES: Doug Jones Quickly Sides With Banks Over Black Voters

 Well Black folk, guess we all fell for it again. What will it take for us all as a collective to understand that there in no wing (left or right) in politics for us?
When will we all understand that there's no party for us? We have to create our own party. The Left wing and Right wing is on the same racist ass bird. But we continue to be taken for granted blindly. 

 What ever happened to common sense? What happened to pattern recognition? This has been going on forever. Are we that brainwashed? We really believe that these people will some day change and do something for us? They've clearly shown us that they're incapable of giving a single fuck about us. This shit has gone way too far. 

 If we don't wake up we may as well feed our kids to the gators like they used to. We may as well shoot them dead in the streets as they continue to do daily. We commit suicide and genocide on our community as a whole when we continue to trust in these white devils. WAKE THE FUCK UP! 

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