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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

INTERVIEWS: One3 of Orlando


ACMD: We got the fly duo in the place with us! Go ahead and introduce yourselves to the people.

Kirv: Hello world and Apex Coture readers it's J-Kirv in the building

RD:Whats going on y’all! This your boy Derrick Dangerfield aka Real Deal.

ACMD: Talk about how you guys came together and came up with the name One3.

Kirv: Well we met in college playing basketball around town and started hanging with each other shortly after. We got to chatting about who our favorite players were, mine of course being T-Mac, his being A.I.. Both of their representative numbers are one and 3. We started a music group prior to this one but after that didn't work out we decided to put out a project together being that we both liked and respected each other's flow. As far as the name One3, it has many meanings. Obviously of course the numbers of T-Mac and A.I.,  we both believe the number 13 has some positive significance in our world; D, representing the 13 clan, my mother, grandmother, and daughter were all born on the 13th.  We're one group with 3  viewpoints, Kirv's view, d's view, and our collective view. Also one group 3 brands, Kirvball entertainment, umi style clothing, and the One3 brand itself.

ACMD: You guys are really big on social issues. Talk about that.

Kirv: I personally try to stay very aware of the issues and current events, just so I can know what's going on around me so I can move accordingly, but also what I see in the world helps me to protect my daughter and teach her right from wrong. I get a chance to see other points of views and how others live so that it can help me to remain humble and not to forget where I come from. It helps me to create the content I do, that is in tune with what I've seen, and all things from an objective yet positive perspective with, a dope flow and beat to keep you listening.

RD: I agree.

ACMD: So there's content in your music that's worth feeding the soul. How important is it for you to get that across in your music? 

RD: We work really hard on each and every individual song, coming up with ideas and concepts that we go through in everyday life, trying to relate with the fans of our music. It’s important that we get whatever message across so that the listeners will understand it’s bigger than music it’s our way of living.

Kirv: I second's very important. We want to make sure that you know what we stand for when you get One3.

ACMD: You seem to want to usher back in the wave of socially conscience music for the youth. Is that the direction you guys wanna go with your music?

RD: The direction that we are trying to go with our music would be to bring the more conscious, wide awake bars back to hip hop. Every song should be about something meaningful. We take music as a way to express ourselves freely. 

Kirv: And also I'd say not necessarily for just the youth because there's a lot of adults out there too who haven't learned certain things from our perspective, not saying we have all of the answers, just a different way of viewing things.

ACMD: So J-Kirv you're the one creating the production? Or is it a combined effort?

 Kirv: On our first project called, what's next which is completed and should be out soon, I produced 90% of the songs as far as making the beats go, yes, but as far as the music goes, we both write. There were a few songs d came up with hooks to and I came wit some for some of the others and we collab on the hook and get the energy where it needs to be

ACMD: Real deal you bring the harmonic vibe to the duo. How do you position that skill to move you guy in the direction you're trying to go?

RD: Basically I’m just trying to be versatile when it comes to different flows and vibes. I try to be open to different sounds that maybe helpful when writing my verses to help create that unique sound.

ACMD: J-Kirv talk a bit about your style of composition. Over here we don't like to put producers in a box. Or artists for that matter.

Kirv: I'm a fan of weird sounds incorporated into hip hop beats if that makes sense. I like outer space sounds and lasers and things like that and incorporating them with a high hat n 808. I also love the old school 90s hip hop/r&b sound from the old boom bap to the new Jack swing movement and everything in between. I grew up listening to a d was influenced by the production of timbaland as well as pharell, j dilla,  the hitmen(bad boy), jermaine dupri, "40" Shebib, Michael Jackson and his production, j. Cole, t-pain, and the list goes on forever.
Im a hip hop fan and I love learning more about the culture so I know i still may have producers I've never heard of and should have and I'm sorry but I am all ears. Ha. I'm not in any box though I wouldn't say. Whe. I make beats they can range from anything that could be used for commercials, video games, radio promos....hell, DVD menu screens anything. I just make sounds that flow well and bump too.

ACMD: Tell us about how you were introduced to the New jack swing movement and how it inspired your craft.

Kirv: Well to start, the first cassette tape i owned was the Dangerous album by Michael Jackson so that was my introduction. I remember when I was little my mom was a big fan of that style of music. Ralph tresvant, bbd, guy, the bobby Brown "bobby" album was out; She used to watch house party 2 a lot so that's where it became routine for me to become infatuated with the sound.  Everything following that has had some element of that swing to it I've rocked with since.

ACMD: KirvBall Entertainment. Give us the deets on that.

Kirv: KirvBall Entertainment is a company I started to eventually help other artists get the platform I didn't have coming up to release their music. I am the first artist on the brand. But in the last few years i realized that there are thousands of artists just like me who just need a platform for their voice to be heard so I just want to be that vessel for them whether it be for music, painting, or design work, I want to be an avenue for the art to be publicized through my company, helping artists succeed.

ACMD: J-Kirv you opened up an after school program which is dope. Talk to us about that and what the purpose was for doing so.

Kirv: I haven't opened it yet, but I'm in the process of getting it off the ground. I want to be able to show kids from the ages of around 8 how to 18 to create something with their music. I never had anyone when I was growing up to show me to make beats, write a song, structure a verse, or play an instrument and with the music programs being cut out of schools more and more, where can they learn if they don't have the means to pay for expensive lessons? I want to offer kids a place to learn about music from bottom to top from beats to writing. That's just one side.
The other side is for dancing. I want to be able to put a showcase together every 3 months or so for the parents to see the work the children have done(all original content). The dancers will choreograph routines to the music that the other kids have created. The whole mission is to help them CREATE content that has good quality and produced well, MOTIVATE and inspire positivity through guidance and leadership, CHANGE the mindset of our youth to a more positive outlook through the power of music, and EDUCATE the next generation on standards and etiquette of becoming a positive, productive, adult in this world. 

ACMD: Real Deal aka Tatt Jones, you got the spunk. Talk about your contribution to the duo.

RD: I appreciate the spunk remark, but honestly what I feel I bring to the duo is dope bars, dance choreography, and feel good energy. I do everything through my mind, body, and soul so every time you see or hear One3 I want you to feel that feel good energy. Also, I give you something entertaining to watch when we’re on stage with dope lyrical content in each song.

ACMD: You have a great lineup of influences. Talk about them by name and how they've influenced your growth.

RD: I’ve always been the smooth type of brother who loved R&b. Aaliyah and Genuwine were two of my favorite artists growing up. I love how they would soothe you with their amazing voices and still give you something to watch with how well they danced, so I’ve kinda tapped into that growing up. I also watched Jadakiss(D Block) so when it comes to the dope bars I knew I wanted to have a combinination and a good blend of both worlds when I make my music.

ACMD: Real Deal, talk about Team Take-Off.

RD:Team TakeOff was a 4 man group J-Kirv and I was in before One3. We performed at a lot of different showcases in Atlanta and Miami area. We stayed together for about 4 years until we split up. J-Kirv and I weren’t ready to put down the pen just yet so we decided to form a group of our own and do music our way.
ACMD: So what's to come for One3? I hear you guys are droppin a record this year. Is it out yet or on the way? What can we expect from you guys in the near future?

Kirv: Well like I said earlier we have a project finished it's called What's Next. We plan on pushing that hard and performing whenever we can.

RD:We basically want to use this project to springboard us onto another platform like movies, commercials, and other entertainment aspects because we have the personality and we can do it.

ACMD: Do you have any music available streaming for purchase online? Shoot the people those links and your social media links. We put yo ass on blast over here.

O3: Music will be online soon and our social media is;
KIRV: IG:@Jkirv23; Twitter:@Jkirv;; SC: J-Kirv
RD: IG & Twitter: @RDDangerfield, SC:Dangerfield15, FB:Derrick Dangerfield

ACMD: We'd like to thank you guys for choosing our platform (and a wise choice that was) and here is your opportunity to give shouts to your, team, family and fans. Individually and separate. Show that love!!

Kirv: I just wanna say thanks to everyone for listening to our stuff and following for this long. Thank for having us on this platform to express ourselves. Thanks to Jack for connecting us. I wanna send a shout out to my fiancee and my daughter I love you girls. I also wanna give love to my fam and friends who hold it down y'all know who y'all are. KirvBall Entertainment baby. One3 holla.

RD: S/o to my friends and family for always believing in me and continuing to show support day in day out.

ACMD: Let em know what magazine y'all rockin with!!

O3: Apex Coture Magazine!!! Already

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