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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Entertainment News: Chance The Rapper calls out Heineken for Racist ad

Photo Credit: Henry Hwu

Big shout out to the homie Chance The Rapper for calling out Heineken on their racist ad. We just want to salute him for using his platform to combat this continues onslaught on our beautiful melanated people.

This ad shows a bottle of the lager being slid past 3 noticeably dark skinned individuals then winds up at a bar with a lighter looks to be white woman with the words "sometimes lighter is better". Really Heineken? Y'all thought you could slide that shit past us? Glad we don't drink that shit anymore.

In the tweet below Chance makes it clear that he's not calling for a boycott but that he's fully aware of the racist tactics being used. 
While he's not calling for it, we think that if you want the black dollar, you better respect our black asses. Fuck em! Won't spend another dime with them ever! 

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