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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, February 2, 2018

COVER STORY: MAYNGO interview with hit single #HeartBreaker

 It's 2018 and we've come a long way physiologically when dealing with Heart Breaks. We've come to a space to where we take the harsh things in life and use them as stepping stones in a learning experience guiding our journey tour destination. Well, at least some of us have. 

 Some of us use our gifts as vessels of art to paint pictures vividly and help to open the eyes of others who have yet to reach certain wisdom.
Mayngo is a true example of this. Her passion in delivery through her music is evident. You can feel her drive and see her vision.

Of course the Queen Mayngo is here with us to chop up some game chat for a minute to give you some insight on who she is and where she's going. Let's get to know Mayngo.

ACMD; What up y'all we got a Queen in the building! Hailing from Duval county please let the people know who you are!

M: I'm Mayngo checking in from Jacksonville, FL duuuval !!!  Heartbreaker singer and actress. I have also been in DreamGirls Broadway, Safe Harbor series on Warner Brothers network, the leading female actress in Homeboys film, and more.

ACMD: So you're from the West side of Duval County, real Florida girl, what kind of values have you inherited from growing up Jacksonville?

M: Yes, I grew up on the Westside of Jacksonville, FL. That is home. That is my neck of the woods no matter where my destination is lol. Can’t forget where we come from. I learned through the good, bad and the ugly. Just how to push through anything. Some people think I come from a perfect life, but that’s not the case. I have had my share of struggles, and it made me who I am and taught me to fight for what I want and appreciate the little things in life.

ACMD: When did you discover you had a musical gift and when did you decide to make it a career?

M: I was young. I believe I was in like the 3rd grade. I would come up with these songs and melodies and I used to show it off to my family. I didn’t know any of my friends who could do that, so I thought it was dope. The older I got the more I wanted to pursue it. I didn’t know where to start and I hadn’t quite built the courage and confidence to go for it. My first attempt in the booth was back in 2006 and it was a disaster; nerve wracking! That experience scared me and I was too afraid to go back. As a few years went by I knew it was something missing in my life and I was never 100% happy. I couldn’t sleep on my dreams anymore so I had to face my fears and try again. I linked up with super producer Tony Keyz in 2011 and attempted to record again. He was patient, professional and truly believed in me and that experience helped me build the confidence I needed to continue. I will always be grateful for him.

ACMD: There's a major difference from the R&B of the 80's, 90's to now... I mean major! Are you more in favor of the older more traditional R&B or the mesh is has taken with Pop and Hip Hop today? Also, how do you feel about today's R&B?

M: I mean, old-school  R &B is dope. There are some classics that can’t be touched in any way shape or form on that level. They have a place in history and always will, but I also think music has changed. It’s a new generation and people like what they like. Even the music in the 80’s and 90’s was a little different than the 60’s and 70’s. Things change, people change, and music does too. I like the oldies and the new style of music as well.

ACMD: Talk a bit about your journey as an artist and what would be your satisfied destination.

M:  It has not been easy, but worth it. I had to go through the process of getting enough courage to do what I felt is in me and I had to go for it. I had to find my niche, my lane, my team eventually formed; everything. It’s a process and its never ending. Its hard work and it gets harder and harder.

 I had to fight through everything that was designed to stop me, but I overcame it all. Every struggle and setback I overcame and I’m going to keep pushing. I can’t be stopped.

I want to be the women I saw on tv growing up.  I want to make music I heard growing up that felt good and got me through some tough times. I want my music to open the doors for other opportunities like acting, make up, a clothing line, a organization to give back to the community etc., I want to be an example to people who were like me and faced the challenges I did and show them anything is possible. To help our women understand self-love and realizing how powerful we truly are. Anything they are going through I probably been through it as well, so I want to be a living, walking testimony.

I want to make my family proud and make sure they are good in every way. I want to be the person that influences the world to make positive changes. We need to love each other, uplift each other, stop killing each other.

ACMD: Well we are in the month of love! It's that time of year when butterflies and hearts are all in our faces, food, bathrooms round the damn corner ya can't get away from it. Are you in the Valentine spirit this year?

M: Well, it’s always nice to see the balloons, flowers, bears and candy in the stores this time of year.  It’s cute. I’m just so busy and focused, but I can still appreciate all of it.

ACMD: So tell us what would be an ideal date for you on Valentines Day.

M: Honestly, I never really made Valentines Day too big of a deal. I feel if people show love throughout the year, naturally it’s not that big of a deal. I’m all for celebrating because like most holidays, it’s exciting, and people want some recognition, but no need to go all out “just because”. It’s about enjoying each other not just on that day but throughout the year. So, for me I’m happy with staying in and having a nice dinner and enjoying each other. Restaurants are overcrowded so I will pass on going out to eat that day.

ACMD: Ok, so what would be the ideal date on a random I just wanna go out date be like? No Valentine's Day just ol regular day...

M: Honestly, it doesn’t take much to impress me. I love the River walk, beach, just vibing eating crabs/ good food and drinking. Even just floating through the city on a nice day or turning up together somewhere. If it’s the right person it doesn’t take much to have a good time. Getaways are great time to time though. I love to travel. It takes you out of “routine” and you have so much freedom to just enjoy each other in a way that’s hard in the day to day life.

ACMD: What qualities do you like in a man?

M: As a woman, I like a mature man. Someone who is well-dressed and has good conversation. I want to know how he was raised, what his mindset is, how he handles his emotions, how he feels about gender roles, what goals he has in life and what his plans are for achieving them. If he has kids, he has to be a great father to them and I would want to see how he treats the mother of his kid(s) and deals with the differences they may have.  He has to be a great communicator and a leader. That impresses me.

ACMD: Is there a special Mr. in your life at the moment? If you wish to keep that info disclosed that's fine. We don't like to pressure our people.

M: Although I do like to be somewhat private when it comes to my personal life, there is no one special at this time. My focus is my music. I do love and look forward to meeting great people and the option is open, but I’m not in a rush for anything serious.

ACMD: All this talk about love, dates and Valentine's Day brings us to the reason why we're here. Your new single Heart Breaker. Dope track! Tell us about it.

M: Heartbreaker is a song about going through a breakup and the disappointment it brings. The hurt and pain of losing someone who you truly thought was the one, but at the same time, it’s empowering. My Heartbreaker single shows that yes, we are disappointed when that happens, but we are not a fool and we are prepared to let go of the situation and move on. I think anyone who has been in that situation will relate to it and feel it.

ACMD: What advice would you give women who have recently gone through a heart break that might be reading this?

M: I would say focus on yourself.  Cry for a little bit (it’s okay to cry) then you have to move forward. Do everything you couldn’t or didn’t do while with that person. Live life. It will hurt at first and it will get worse before it gets better, but it’s so rewarding at the end. Don’t give up on love and don’t become bitter. Everything you go through prepared you to recognize and appreciate someone better. Time will heal the pain.

AM: Where is the single available?

M: Heartbreaker by Mayngo is available on all digital music stores and streaming sites. This includes iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube, iHeartRadio, SimplyAfrica, everywhere!

ACMD: Is there an album in the works? We need a whole record to follow up.

M: I’m working on more music and looking to work with some great music producers and songwriters. I will actually be flying to Texas real soon to work with a super producer with credits for work with H-Town, Lil Flip, Bun B, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and more. I’m sure he is going to give help me with a club banger. I'm very excited about that.

ACMD: Any tours, local shows or appearances coming up we should be on the lookout for?

M: Yes, I am preparing for many upcoming performances. I’m working with a really great choreographer, Chris of Xclusyv Dance Fitness, and he is going to have my moves on point!  So, make sure you all follow me on social media, so you can be the first to know of new music, performances, and more!

ACMD: Well we'd like to thank you for taking your time out from your royal day Queen Mayngo. Please take this time to shout out your team, fam and/or loved ones. Also ya gotta let em know what magazine you're rockin with!

M: First I want to thank you at Apex Coture Magazine for the opportunity to help the world get to know “Mayngo” and getting my music heard worldwide. I’m honored.

I want to thank all my supporters. The love and support they show is amazing. All the shares, downloads; everything. It feels good to know my hard work is being recognized and people really rock with me and my music. Every message, compliment or words of encouragement from around the world is what drives and motivates me.

My family for their support on my journey. My mom who is in Arizona, my brother who is in the army and in Korea right now, My father, my sisters; all of my family and true friends. My team and everyone who has ever worked with me. It really takes a team of people in this business. I’m so grateful.

I want to give some special shout outs to a few people/ businesses who I rock with and show love and support:

Natasha “MzBosslady” -Genuine Ent. Group- Artist Developer for Mayngo

Florida Keyz Studios

7 Stones GFX  

Flex The Unstoppable- MBL Urban Media

Kita Mae

William Graham

TJ Chapman

Robin Clemons

Jovan Ray- G.O.A. L. L.

Ira Coleman- Pimpin i

Marcus Clark- FlameManEnt

Dj Los

Championz Sports Bar & Grill

Mastermind Unlimited

Young Folk

CJM. Lewis- CEO of Xclusyv Dance Fitness

Jamal Stewart

Javon Williams – CEO RYB, Suade Out Ent, Jax YUP

H & H Credit Restoration

M.T- Houston Texas

Pete Dyer

Daryl Boyle

Antonio McCray

Clifford Devoe

Roger Holland

Baetoven Picasso- CEO Baetoven Jeans & Apparels

SJ Davis- Davis Installations

Miso Agogo-“Honey in the Woods” children’s book author

Tony Akel- Akel Auto Sales

Erica- Ohhsoo Good Banana Pudding (the best banana pudding I ever had)

John Gautier- CEO G-Rated Productions


Dj Commando- Knhb Radio

Kaitlin- Make-up Boss

Willie Cleveland

Danny Way

Real Petty-  The Network Radio

Code Red Contracting

Paul Isendorf

Spooky P

Lebron Baker

Ken P.

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