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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

BLACK AMERIKKKA: CYNTHIA G "Two Teens Jumped & Hospitalized For Talking To White Girl At Christmas Bonfire"

Few things here. Shout out to Cynthia G first for covering the story.

1. This type of shit is most important for us in the Black community so pay attention.

2. Cynthia made a very valid point, this is the REAL reason for the repeal of Net Neutrality. You can clearly see the way they cover the story withholding information and taking the element of race out of it. We already know how the mainstream media gets down.

3. The lil nigga ruined his case when he admitted he said "you wanna fight?". Why in the fuck did his mama let him say that shit? NIGGA!

4. You niggas gon learn to stay the hell away from them white girls. Nothing good comes from that shit.

If you're white and you're reading this article, just know you need to mind yo business because this is for the Black community. Not for you. 

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