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Thursday, December 21, 2017

POLITICS AS USUAL: THE HUMANIST REPORT "Doug Jones Suddenly Sounding a LOT Like Republicans After Alabama Win"

 Well well well. As if we didn't see this coming. Yes black folk we fell for the okie doke once again and came our in record numbers (93% Black men and 98% Black women) to vote for this guy and all he will do shit on us like they have historically done.

 Look, when we finally realize that voting along party lines will never benefit Black people then we can start to set up our own party. Our own system. When we go vote like we did in Alabama we should write in a name. We should vote independent. We should vote for the Black party. Voting Dem or Repub has never and will never help us. WE have to do it ourselves.

 We would like to shout out The Humanist Report and let it be known that our views have nothing to do with their show. We agree wholeheartedly with them on this subject but we have to take it a step further being we are black so our perspective will be different from theirs. 

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