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Monday, November 27, 2017

ACMD TV: Jaden Smith - Icon

 We live in such a sensitive, bitch made, hate driven, unoriginal, drugged out, materialistic, monkey see monkey do age right now.
When we first heard and seen this video for Jaden's "Icon", we were taken aback. We were surprised, happy and impressed. As someone that was around for The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff knowing that Will Smith was dope but never had a record where he ever spit this hard it was something to be appreciated. 

 Upon the response to this record and the negative comments, it took us a minute to share this video. The negativity around this record is unbelievable. People are like he's not an Icon and his parents paved the way and just all around not giving him any credit for this dope ass record.

 Here you have a young man with an original flow, lyrical content over a dope ass track with a concept to the song. Something that is missing from majority of the records coming from rappers his age. All they do is talk about ballin, drugs, sex and money that they really don't have. Violence that they not about and follow the agenda of the industry.

This dude can be talkin about ballin because we do know that he is rich but he chose to show his lyrical capabilities coming from a father that is rooted in Hip Hop with one of the greatest DJ's of all time. WTF y'all want?

 This record is a classic and killin all these young niggas. Niggas are mad because the entitled kid of Will and Jada did it and they couldn't.

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