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Monday, November 27, 2017


For at least 2 decades these 2 MC's have held crowns in Hip Hop and been revered by the Hip Hop community.
Why is that you say? Nigga stop. You know that Fab or Jada have never had a bad verse. These 2 have always been known for their bars and pretty much never spitting a wack verse.

These are facts we're not makin this shit up. Over time they've always delivered rock solid verses and song be it features or on their own solo records. It would be downright blasphemous to deny this.

So it's only right they teamed up in 2017 to release a collaboration that would be well received by the OG's that have always delivered on the music, stayed in their lanes and avoided scandal. Everybody know these guys are not the ones to play with. 

You want us to tell you that the record is dope after you know who it is on the record? Nigga..... It's Fab and Kiss. Just stop it and check it out. WTF?

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