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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MODEL GANG: Darasimi Ogbetah of Nigeria

 This is a moment in time when we should all stop and admire the natural beauty of which the wonderful element Melanin is responsible for. The facial structure of this 18 year old Nigerian student of Mass communication is courageous in its audacity to be obvious to the naked eye.
The grace in her presence needs no clearance or validation. You need to see this.....  

 Take a look. Breathe it all in. Darasimi Ogbetah is the definition of "Black is Beautiful". In Fact the term beautiful may be an understatement. When you're observing the elegance of an African Queen words become worthless. The feeling you get by her glow alone becomes all that matters. 

 She makes it seem effortless because it is being in the skin she's in. Standing a mere 5'5 at 121 lbs one would ask why God also gave her a Bust at 35, waist at 29 and hips at 40. It's not fair you'd say. But I say yes it is. She is.

 So with that being said, please take the time to follow her via Twitter and support her because she is the world's next top model. About to open a door for Black women that cannot be closed. Mark my words........

Photo Credits: Libarty Studios and Tim Mcbaj (

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