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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017



 Y'all must not know how important this album is for the genre of R&B. At this point, you can't tell the difference between R&B and Rap/Hip Hop. All that shit sounds the same.
It is to be noted that together they are the dominant genres in music and rightly so because the art forms are created by none other than US the Melanated Kings and Queens.

 But when you get it from the homie Téo it's like getting it straight from the source. Raw, uncut dope. Period. This is what it's all about and this is promised to revive the need for wavy fluid vocals that makes one feel like you're on the ocean. That's how velvety my man voice move through ya.

  We finally got the chance to sit down with him and chop up some game on his new project and we got all the Tea you need. 

ACMD: Ladies and gentlemen the inevitable is happening right now! We finally link up with the homie..... We'll let introduce himself..

Téo: Always a pleasure, my man. For those of you who may not know, my name is Téo. I am a Singer-Songwriter from Houston, TX by way of Atlanta, GA.

ACMD: Congrats on the new album out now "The Penthouse Suite 2"! This record is crazy! How are your fans receiving the work?

Téo: Thank You! The fans are receiving it very well! Musically this album was a step up from VOL.1 so it's really amazing to see fans responding to it so well and sharing it with their friends and family!

ACMD: You hold true to real R&B as we have made known in this publication before. How do you manage to stick to the code of authentic R&B without turning into a friggin rapper/singer like most R&B artists? (Omg I hate that)

Téo: Oh man. Listen, I hate it too! It's almost like ever since Tiller hit the scene we have had constant regurgitations of the same formulas. Haha! Shoutout to Tiller! Honestly, I can't knock the creators for wanting to ride a successful wave because this industry is very VERY difficult to break into so a lot of folks try to take the road most travelled. When it comes to me and my creative process, I just go into the studio with the mindset that the music will tell me where to go and what to discuss. If I don't feel it I don't force it.
I think when people go into the studio with a specific agenda it takes away from the spontaneity and true genuine nature of creating and, in my opinion, that's the core of music. So my process is to get in front of the mic and just let it out.

Now I'm a true fan of harmony and, of course, anything I do needs to have at least SOME FORM of actual vocal ability. Otherwise, I'm just like you said, a "singing rapper,"

ACMD: Solid! Let's get into a few of the records on this album. "20yrs" seems to be one that's near and dear to your personal life. Please break it down for us..

Téo: 20 years! Man! This record was tough for me. My brother was wrongly accused of murder 20yrs ago. He was a victim of this "alternative justice" system as so MANY of our brothers, sisters, cousins, fathers and mothers were/are. My brother was truly my best friend and one of my first role models, man. I sing because he would beat me up if I didn't, LOL! We used to put on concerts for my parents all the time and if anyone messed with my brother I was fighting them with everything I had. I was rowdy AF over my brother. This song was an homage to who he is and what he has done because a lot of times I feel guilty about the fact that I am out here and he is in there. I started music professionally with the sole purpose of giving my brother his life back, at first, because I was absolutely terrified of singing in public in the beginning. I just wanted to have something that expressed how I felt about him. Something that would be here after any of us are. There is something so powerful in that.

ACMD: Talk to us about "Beautiful". This song has quite a concept that is a much needed topic to touch on...

Téo: Beautiful. Beautiful was about me talking to women in general. It was a message to our young women, or women all together, who put a man who is not deserving of a pedestal on sed pedestal. The song is meant to empower that girl who has been emotionally and maybe even physically abused to realize that women are the most beautiful creatures on this planet. They're the cradles of life. So I want women to realize that NO REAL MAN would treat you like anything less than the queens they are and that, if he does, let it go and believe that is the right thing. Don't be in love with the idea of love. Find the real thing.

ACMD: Another track that seems to be poppin off is "Meet Me In LA". Why is this joint so bubbly right now?

Téo: Meet Me In LA is just a feel good record. I wrote this song during a visit to LA earlier this year. That song is literally how I felt about LA and was a chronicle of everything I did while out there. Everyone who goes to LA falls in love with LA. It's universal. So I think that's why the song is an album favorite! 
ACMD: Your production team is foreign so to speak. You know what I mean but please elaborate for the people because this is interesting given the sound that came from this strategy..

Téo: Oh man! Crazy CRAZY talented guys! My executive producer was this guy named "Zapz" (@ProducedByZapz) from the UK that literally popped up out of nowhere. He IS THE REASON there is even a VOL.2 because it originally was just going to be the DELUXE version of VOL.1. Once I heard his music it was like....we had to do a whole album. Another really dope producer I met out of the UK was my boy "ThunderCatt" (@ProdThunderCatt) who produced a dope record entitled "Nobody". Those two will ALWAYS be apart of future projects in some way. They are extremely humble AND extremely talented guys. Producers just don't get the respect they deserve in this industry because they are literally RESPONSIBLE for our sounds in so many ways. Yeah we create as writers and vocalist, but producers are the soundtrack to our thoughts and ideas. I will always have mad love and respect for those guys and anyone doing the same thing.

ACMD: I seen a post on Twitter where you stated that you're finally taking a break from recording to focus on this record. Will that be a difficult task for you?

Téo: Very difficult! I say that, but I never seem to take an actual break. I may slow down a lot, but never fully stop. As I love life ideas come too often and I have to get them out. So I say that shit, but it never happens. LOL!

ACMD: Is there a tour in the works?

Téo: I am actually working on that now! I'm so excited to get back out and perform because it's been mad long. Gotta stay tuned!

ACMD: Well bro, this album is hot! We love and and we're sure that it will take you to the next level. Throw some shout outs to your fam and/or team and let em know what mag you rockin with! 

Téo: Thank you so much! I do it for you guys! Of course, you know I'm rocking' with the best...Apex Coture Magazine ALL DAY!

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