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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Please support!

Dear friends:
We are planning to not only pro
test on August 28, 2017, but we will be putting together universal guideline-solutions to bring to the doorsteps of police departments across the country in a new campaign simply called "Stop Killing Us (SKU)!"
We will need grassroots organizers, leaders not yet known, youth, clergy, law enforcement experts, attorneys, victims, families of victims, and those deep within the impacted communities to rise to this occasion. Philando Castile's blatant murder and "Not Guilty" verdict should serve as the "straw that broke the camel's back!"
Monday, August 28 is the date because this is the date of the horrific murder of 14 year-old Emmet Till in 1955; the date of the hanging of 17 year-old Lennon Lacy in 2014; and the date of the March on Washington in 1963.
If not now - when? If not us - who? It is time to tell America to "Stop Killing Us!"
People are already signing on to help. If you would like to offer your compassion, pain, love, skills, and unity to ensure we send this "Stop Killing Us" message loud and clear - send me an email with your contact info and how you would like to help at
With much love, solidarity, and concern for our people,
Your servant minister, Curtis E. Gatewood

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