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Monday, June 19, 2017


  We're sure you've heard by now about the murder of Charleena Lyles who was pregnant in Seattle, WA by Seattle PD's race souljers carrying out the white supremacists order. Though it's not covered by mainstream media, black Twitter is on it.

 The facts in this case are baffling but nonetheless the end result of a black woman calling the police for help and instead of getting help, she winds up dead is not surprising at all.
It's become normal and we're becoming numb to it which is very bad for us.

  Charleena called the police in fear that her home was being burglarized. They arrive and shot her stating she was "wielding a knife" and they felt threatened by this petite woman that is known to have mental health issues with a house full of kids. THEY MURDERED HER IN FRONT OF HER KIDS! 

  The white supremacist media is quickly going into justification mode by pulling up a criminal arrest she had recently of which she was required to get mental health help. 

 The Seattle Times have released what I would call some really really suspicious audio from this incident. The reason it seems suspicious is because there are areas that are blanked out for a good period of time and we don't know if it was edited purposely or was it technical but I don't believe shit that comes from PD's and/or the government. Also, how do you go from calm to the situation elevating that quickly??? Here's the audio. Leave your comments and tell us what you think...

Of course none of this makes sense but in all there's another black person dead at the hands of law enforcement in a horrific manner without any concern for the young black children and you can bet that there will be no justice in this case. So when will we start shooting back? They got tasers, won't grab them. White guy in Portland stabs multiple people on a train but is somehow apprehended without harm. We are at war and we aren't even fighting back. It's blatant. Y'all deaf dumb and blind or what????? 


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