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Thursday, June 22, 2017

ACMD AUDIO PLUG: Toni Romiti "Trust In Me"

Who Do You Trust? Self-made superstar Toni Romiti’s dominated 2017 with a string of solo singles. Today the Chicago songstress turned LA transplant goes through relationship woes with "Trust In Me." The track is post modern west coast minimalism with a flavor of classic 90's R&B. The soundbed is crafted by Mistro and Soundoff (Da Aviatorz) who find the perfect marriage between sultry nightclub and cinematic melodrama. Romiti deftly stated via Twitter that no one is writing songs about male jealousy in relationships.

Toni Romiti’s meteoric rise to stardom is what PR firms dream of. Her mastery of social media was met with a command of songwriting that tapped into the meta sensibilities of millennials.

Few acts in recent memory have found the perfect balance of pop arrangements and personal narrative like Romiti. She’s the first no strings attached female pop act since 1960's folk music; releasing music that speaks to herself and her fans on her time and on her terms.

Da Aviatorz are a production troupe rewriting the DIY aesthetic of ‘hitmen for hire'. Gone are the days of social media beat solicitation and placement chasing. Group member Mistro recently released his debut project "Buddy Pass," a compilation that plays like an artist’s command of his craft rather than a collection of songs. From Joshh’s "Las Vegas" to Mayes’ "Coupe Deville," Mistro shows a mastery of melding divergent sonics and create a singular experience from the project.

As Romiti’s star continues to rise and Da Aviatorz wrote their own ticket we’re hitting a new zeitgeist. Both are writing a social media prescription for creatives where the new platforms are crafted by artists instead of billionaires. Who Do You Trust? Trust the artists.

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