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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017



 LaQuinn is a dope ass artist from Virginia that you can single handedly pic out from a barrage of artist because you can trust he ain't like them niggas. That's what's good about this guy.

 You're definitely not gonna get the typical sound from him and his life experiences with attest to that. We had a chance to sit down and chop up some game with the homie in an exclusive interview. Plug we got his album "El Bueno La Mala Y El Feo" available for download and a dope video. You bout to get to know him real quick. Let's go in!!!

ACMD: We have a very special guest in the house tonight! Tell the people who you are and where you from!

LQ: LaQuinn and I am from Charlottesville(Home to my squad the Virginia Cavaliers) out of Central Virginia repping the whole DMV.

ACMD: So we gonna go right in.You've had a lot that went on to help shape your musical career. Tell us about your experience with the law and how it directed you in the direction of getting those degrees.

LQ: Although it doesn't take much for me to learn it took a while for me to learn from my pitfalls which I think was only sped up by family losses. My cousin Phillip”Tic” was murdered and my mood was switched away from running the streets but…... I still partied hard. Everything seemed to go wrong especially when next my uncle Johnny Gilmore burned up in a fire and my grandfather was forced to go stay two doors down from where he perished due to financial situations. This would not be the end of a whirlwind year as my transgender niece disappeared and we had to watch as the police searched for another missing persons case pulling out all stops because of their high class status.  I was determined to change now to learn business and I went to community college and chased my degrees. However, once again another loss.While others were graduating my family once again suffered another loss as my brother Oscar was murdered and my nephew was facing life. That’s the straw that broke my back and gave me the drive to chase music and try my best for my biggest supporters who were now deceased!!!

ACMD: Word. That's a great success story to inspire. Talk about your uncanny flow infusing college and a street style. Gotta say it is different.

LQ: I just call it how I see it.Everything in college and the streets is me basically. Im just that coo and universal.I have been around every walk of life absorbing knowledge and game.College kids got that same hustle street kids got even if they parents are filthy rich. Everyone wants to unwind and have a good time though and we all influence one another’s vibe. So, I don’t pigeonhole myself or act one sided. Im multidimensional. Its too much to discuss. Im the personification of Hood-Prep!!!
Plus, I’ve been groomed by some of the top women in industry of every nationality and walk of life; in dating and friendship.

ACMD: You have and still work with a lot of producers. Tell us who they are and how any individual helped you shape your sound..

LQ: I was working with Billy Morgan aka Mad Scientist when he suggested I just let lose. This was different from my cousin Bump Brown recording me preaching time. My biggest real push was my brother Gill who kept telling me (even though I was aspiring to be a manager) to record more and have fun.
Next Linz Prag put me to the test and made me become versatile.Next, Doughman Netwurk gave me an extra push by basically recording me soon as I stepped out the shower. That’s when I started to get craftier and hooked up with Mr.White and started running off mixtapes. Attention rose and  re-uniting with folks like Haitian Pop for mixing and song collaboration really made my sound progress. I used to fight a lot but with them and they expertise ,It’s like I went thru a karate movie gauntlet. After that I just became a basic recording animal!!

ACMD: Tell us what this movement the "ATM Money Gang" is all about and what you guys will contribute to the culture.

LQ: (Atm= Ateam) So its “Ateam Money Gang Records”. It stems from the concept of not using an Atm to withdrawal but to deposit a gang of money. Making the bank work for you ya dig.We bringing that edge with knowledge and nonsense only after we cash checks. People who rock with us normally rocket to success when they realize our regiment of more money cringle and less gambling like Bingo is the new wave. Our squad pass money thru our hands at least 4 times before it may leave the circle less we at a strip club or somebody owed a tennis bracelet.

ACMD: Mainly what messages or vibes do you like to portray in your music?

LQ: I like to have a good time. I can sneak knowledge in easily …. If I want. I love sexiness and strength so I exude that. Well that’s more of a personal thing but fans can feel it in my music too. I like shorties looking back at they booty and being coo at all times and thats what I try to express too. No hacciditty high-class stuff or people tend to turn on ya. Im the guy that girls from the Hamptons come through and holler at in urban settings cause Im that coo.

ACMD: And you've had the chance to build with some legendary artists that have had an influence on your music. Please tell the people who they are and how that came about.

LQ: I would call up George Clinton like “Unc let’s go and get these people on a new mothership of love”. My uncle used to play with Dave Matthews and that would be a definite “Woow” thing if I could borrow they crowd…… they door receipts gotta be crazy. We would make music too. I was down the road with boss, Mysonne when I really got that rap bug. That’s the super squad right there…. Nothing but Kings!!!
Honestly I dont really like to name drop or else I would be telling Forrest Gump like stories. I was real young when Chi Ali came thru after popping his sis boyfriend. The joke was that he looked like my best friend Ant. Remember our city got the hood right underneath the affluent so nothing was off limits with nightspots every where too.
Dr.Dre is the go to must work with guy and me loving funk and pop ….it’s in the works.

ACMD: The album "El Bueno,La Mala Y El Feo", please tell us what that means and the concept behind it. Also any features on there you'd like to shout out.

LQ: It means The Good ,The Bad and the Ugly . I got J Barr outta Kansas on a track. My homies ,Mr.Mic and Shane Smash outta tha Souf Carolinas as well. My bro Gill…. But thats mandatory we hammer out some hits. Oh yeah and Nicole Millar on “Crazy”..... Which is driving her camp “Crazy”

ACMD: So what is to come in the near future fr you? Any tour dates, new music etc?

LQ: I’m on tour now The Gilmore Bros “Super Smash Bro Tour”. New album”217” is rising up Spotify charts. A bunch of features on the Mattrix Mixtapes. A bunch of singles snatched up by labels….. I give ya one single to work with unless ya “show me the money”. I have with my Canadian, Down south and overseas family coming up and names have been withheld to protect the leaks. Ayyyyye...I’m open for booking worldwide and am awaiting reps from Asia to Australia to hit me up. I am ready to rock for the masses.

ACMD: We here at Apex Coture would like to welcome to our Royal family. We appreciate you stoppin through to chop it up with us. At this point we gon open up the floor for you to give those shout outs to your team, family and fans.

LQ: I want to shout out my mom Deacon DeeDee, my nephew Tanaek ( I gotcha!!!!!) , MoRockO Films ( get them video visuals from a world wide eye),  I feel famous studios, MRC, mr bro Gill, all my fans and friends. My homies with businesses who should’ve slid me some bread for a mention. Thats it because Im just getting started and I have alot of Grammys acceptance speeches to be on top of!!!!!


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