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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

ACMD FEATURED: SIYA "MY SONS" Video Stream - "Watch what you say" & "Nights B4 You"

Ya know, everyone is buzzin over Young M.A. and that's cool but Siya tho, she's not to be slept on at all my nigga.
This album is loaded with a full arsenal of Hip Hop ammo. She got the streets, the Hip Hop heads and the ladies covered. She sexy as shit herself. We know her sexual orientation but you niggas know you would goin on that ass at any opportunity but let's not go off topic here... 

Honestly with this m,any women spittin like this it's a wonder if nigga can hold Hip Hop down anymore. Niggas are sounding like str8 up buffoons meanwhile chics like Siya goin in bar for bar. She lyterally solidified her stamp in the industry with this one. if you didn't know her, you do now. Tighten up and get this work.. 

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