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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ACMD BLACK AMERIKKKA: Officials WILL NOT Press Charges Against Officers In Keith Lamont Scott Killing

 Man I tell ya, white supremacy will always be demonic and poisonous. This will never change. At this point we gotta stop begging these devilish fuckas to give us justice or my favorite "equality". Justice can't happen in a system designed to genocide our Black asses and why would you wanna be equal to the devil? Ya see, the devil is not some big red animal lookin nigga with horns.
You actually believe that because that's what they brainwashed you to believe so that there'd be somebody to blame and no one has to be responsible for their actions. Naw. The devil is white supremacy. Always has been. Who does the most devilish shit across the globe? You guessed it, that cracka... Sorry. Hate to bust ya bubble. What the devil work in this video.... 

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