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Monday, October 17, 2016


Luxury started as a tribute to the gods. All temples of the gods were embellished with gold lapis lazuli and precious stones of all kinds. It's a tribute to the gods, so by acquiring luxury you're buying something sacred. A sacrifice is to make something sacred, the higher the price the more sacred that object becomes. Those who were in the presence of those sacred places would in turn be granted favors from the gods for their service. The kings, queens, the priest and priestesses had to live by a strict moral code of conduct to be granted access to these sacred places. They followed a strict regimen of diet, dress, speech and strength to signify the luxury granted to them by serving the gods.
Certain dress patterns and textiles were used to express this special position bestowed on these individuals. RAMOMAR NY uses art fashion culture and history to reintroduce these textiles and pattern in a modern context with knowledge of their sacred function and meanings for a new generation.

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