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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ACMD FEATURE: Welcome to the wonderful world of lovely "Amirror".

Born Jacora Shar'Nell Knight , Amirror has always known she would travel the globe singing and inspiring the World!! Singing since she could talk , her path has always been lit for the stage.
attended Fredrick Douglass Sr High School's "Cab Calloway Music
Career Academy" in Baltimore,MD ,where she received vocal and drama
training. While there , she was trained in the genres of classical
and jazz voice . Singing with vocal greats such as Melba Moore,
Yolanda Adams , and Masa to name a few.
In 2010 Amirror began to write and become the artist she
wanted to present to the world. The name "Amirror " was a direct
reflection of the response she received from audiences about her
music. Many said they could see "themselves " hence the name "A
Mirror". Gigging and working with several local artist, Amirror also
had opportunities to write for industry artist such as Chrisette
Dubbed "The Queen Of Bangy Soul" Amirror is both Powerful and
Soul Stirring. With lyrics and songs fueled with the ups, downs, and
in betweens of life Amirror is a reflection of life. Soul, Jazz, R&B,
Folk ,Pop, and Classical fused together creates her sound that is
"Bangy Soul". The first project she released is entitled "A Mirror of
My Reflection " in the fall of 2015 on This was a mixtape
that housed tracks in every genre. She wanted to show she couldn't be
boxed. Tracks by The Beatles , J Cole, Kings of Leon, Lindsay Lohan,
and Drake are on this mixtape as Amirror has no limitations on what
she is moved by.
Amirror's current album "Next Level" is where she in life. This
album speaks to her life and countless others as it is derived from
what's happening around the world. Topics about marching for Human
Rights happening from city to city in the United States , Love had and
Lost, and Growing through it All. This Album is for Everyone and is
directly from the Heart ,Mind, and Soul of Amirror.
Follow Amirror on Instagram Like Amirror on Facbook Contact: Zimmerman Music Group 410-710-9419 |

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