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Friday, September 30, 2016


The homie Dave East just gave hip hop a gift. This album is what hip hop is. He gon make niggas start spittin again. But they would actually have to have the skill to do so.
Dave East has the skills. We'd hope that his album would send a wave throughout the industry and set a new standard for these new niggas. They're getting away with way too much. It doesn't matter how many vets in the game cosign these young fart heads. The OG's (the ones who have openly cosigned these bum ass rap niggas) are doin that to stay relevant. Them niggas don't mean that shit. 
But, back to the subject at hand. This album needs no cosign. The authenticity reeks havoc on your soul if indeed you have hip hop in your spirit. Just take a listen and if you ain't feelin this shit there is a whole heep of bum rappers with colored hair, colored finger nails, dresses and tight ass gay ass pants on that make music that sounds worse than they look. We don't have to name names. Fuck all them lil niggas. This is the new standard. If they not comin with this quality or better, we hope them lil niggas catch the Zika Virus bih... Apex Out...

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