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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

ACMD COVER STORY: 4PACK ENT. Presents MACKronyms - #RacciOnDaBeatTrick


The men in this feature are 2 of the hardest working MC's in the industry. They have all their ducks lined up. Not looking for any hand outs they make their presence known without needing validation from anyone. Humble in their successes they continue to make calculated moves that take the further in the game each time they take one.

    Lyrical poets with creative visuals to supplement the sound, they have a genuinely unique contribution to the culture and are a force to be reckoned with.

   We got the exclusive interview and all the goodies that go with it right here like we always do. So lets get to it..  

   ACMD: West up! We got the Cali duo live and direct! Tell the ppl who y'all are and where y'all from..

MR: My name is Chilly Palmer and I'm from Da Bank California [i818USA]. My name is Racci and I'm from The San Francisco Bay Area [i415USA] aka SFC [Sucka Free City] aka Baghdad by The Bay.

ACMD: So tell us how you guys linked up.

MR: We linked up some years back when I [Chilly Palmer] was working on my solo project. I wanted a few features from other dope artists and Racci was one of the best emcees I heard so it only made sense to put him on.

ACMD: So Chilly, tell us about Pacoima, CA. Haven't heard much about that place. What's the Hip Hop scene like out there?

CP: I was born in the city of Pacoima CA and my mom moved us to Burbank, CA. when i was 5 years old. So I couldn't speak on the music scene there. I can only speak on The Bank which had relatively no music scene. It was just partying and playing sports growing up. I had to create my own music scene and learn from the legends in Hip-Hop at the time. My biggest influences we're Too Short, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, and so on. My style is a combination of all those artists.

ACMD: How bout San Fran for you Racci? Kinda familiar with The Bay Area there are true legends in Hip Hop from there. Who was your influences comin up?

RC: As far as Music Producers: Andro Ernst my mentor [Google Him] and the legendary T.C. [Google him too] - As far as Artist go, like you said "Legends" Bruh: Cougnut [RIP], MAC DRE [RIP], San Quinn, Rappin 4-Tay, Andre Nickatina, Adam Vida (fka: A-1), 2PAC, Digital Underground, Too Short, Richie Rich, E40, B-Legit & The Clic, Spice 1 and My Mutha4PACKin-self.

ACMD: So give us a rundown of y'all's sound and what you guys bring to the game.

MR: [CP]Our sound is definitely West Coast it has that Bay Area party turn up vibe & feel because Racci produced all the beats. #TrunkKillaMusic #RacciOnDaBeatTrick His beats are fire! 🔥
I feel we bring a new twist to the game that only a few are doing right now. Like Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole & A$AP Rock. Our Pen Game is laced with storytelling, American Poetry with a raw cutting edge metaphors to our vibe, delivery and content.

ACMD: Any new projects in the works? Tours, albums, mixtapes?

MR: We are in lieu of booking music festivals Internationally. Racci is in the lab constantly formatting new, original music tracks to... as we say... "separate the real from the fake", for our sound is distinctive and organic.
We'll be in the booth soon to start our Double EP. The Title will be announced sometime in mid-summer. We like to keep these sucka mc's guessing 'bout our next moves and patterns. - Stay tuned... 4PACK ENT. Presents....

ACMD: You guys are considered as poets as well as emcees. mIs that something significant about y'all you want to deliver to the world?

MR: [CP] Me personally I love Hip-Hop music so much. I just wish more rap artists would push the creativity to a higher level. When you listen to our EP you can hear the creativity in the music and when you watch our Debut Music Video "O Yea" you will absolutely see creativity on the highest level!
[Racci] Hip-Hop runs through my blood veins, my philosophy is "Anybody can rap, but everybody Can't Write." Feel Me? So with that being said. We're going to continue our Blk n Blue Print of delivering quality studio recorded music, exceptional pen game material and stay Humble and Hungry as crowd rocking Emcees and Entertainers from California.

ACMD: Is there anyone in the industry you guys would like to work with that you haven't yet?

MR: [CP] I would like to work with A$AP Rocky & Too Short. My dream would be to record with Jay-Z.
[Racci] I'm trying to collab with serious artist, established, or the up and coming. iDont do F!ckboy sh!t, so there won't be any F!ckboy music material EVER. feel me? Pen game has to be efficient and the artist has to possess the hunger iGot, so that means we'll constantly eat. Feel Me?

ACMD: What do you guys honestly think about the state of Hip Hop right now?

MR: [CP] The state of Hip-Hop is in a great state because 4PACK ENT. Presents MACKronyms is the change in da game!
[Racci] The State of Hip-Hop as we ALL know is and has been in a decline for quite sometime now. There really aint NO Originality, to many copy-cat-kittens doin anything and sayin anything. The Resurgence of Hip-Hop has Landed, real beat game killin' Yo! trunks, real lyrical content is the key essential element and this is what we at 4PACK ENT. bring to the table of missing ingredients to a starving hip-hop nation and rap culture enthusiast.

ACMD: Are there any other artists at 4PACK ENT.?

MR: [Racci} Yes and No. We have FAMILY oriented affiliates. 4PACK ENT. Presents @FaThaFlyest [FAtality] #TrunkKillaMusic Vol IV can be found online. We also have an un-mastered mixtape we'll be dropping like BAY AREA Seagull Sh!t shortly Featuring: @FaThaFlyest @Boo_Banga [Star Studded on Thizz Entertainment], @TayAssassin , Big Money [Real Nigga Vision]. We have our 4PACK ENT. Diva "Dianna Hartman" who is in the development stage as we speak. We're patiently awaiting the release from State Prison of our 4PACK Memba & Co-Founder - J. Blk Ree$e. Stay Tuned.

ACMD: I would like to thank you guys for choosing Apex Coture as a platform. Love to work with great minded ppl. Go ahead and give your Fam/team some shout outs and also let the world know what magazine you rockin with!!

MR: [CP] I wanna give a S/O to Racci and 4PACK Ent. The hottest Indie Label right now, pushin' a hard line to stay original and be original at ALL cost. S/O to all the people who have inspired me and who have taught me the valuable lessons on how to become the best person you can be. Last but not least I wanna give a special thanks to Antuan and ApexCoture Magazine for showing us mad love by putting us on your cover! A big what up to the people all across the great state of Florida!
I wanna give a S/O to the 4 Fathers of The Hip-Hop/Rap Music Culture. #SaluteAward to My Recording Artist slash Brother from another Mother Da "Dope Spitta" and Shylock from Da BANK - Chilly Palmer. Special Shout Out to the 4PACK ENT. Family. Our Super Dope live drummer Andimal. To The City of San Francisco for molding me into the Real Negroe and Business Man I am, for I am truly "Sucka Free" make No mistake about dat Bruh. To our co-founder and lil' cousin BLK Ree$e, as well as our 4Loved Ones doing time in the clink - You're Never Outta Sight & Outta Mind wit 4PACK ENT. - it's "Yard Music" til the wheels fall off.
S/O to All the Radio Stations & DJs World Wide who have the balls and guts to break away from the monotony of copy-cat syndrome, by spinning and breaking our Records. Super S/O To Our Local and International Fans and Fanbase, without you we're non-existent. Blessings & Respect to ACMD for allowing us to be heard, seen and felt as ASCAP Recording Artist in this Music Industry.
#HonorValorLoyaltyRespect = The 4PACK ENT. Family Code and Ethics of Life. -4 WE'd LIKE TO THANK GOD 4 OUR TALENTS.

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