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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, February 20, 2016


On day surfing the net I came across something I thought was the most interesting and most needed things that would impact our youth and adults for that matter in a major way. Natural Girls United Dolls. After one look at this site I automatically knew the sole purpose of them and was in immediate appreciation. So I reached out to the mind behind them and we had a chat about them. Check it out...

ACMD: It's an honor to work with Natural Girls United! Please let the people know who you are...

NGU: A mommy and an artist from California.

ACMD: So please tell us what made you decide to do this much needed deed for young ladies of color? (Love it)

NGU:  It was just frustrating to go into toy stores in my own community and not see any diversity in the doll selection.  There needed to be some kind of change.

ACMD: Tell us what you think to be the importance of young women of color having dolls that look like them.

NGU: It’s very important to have images around us that reflect our beauty and unique qualities. It helps to show us that we are worthy of praise and celebration.

ACMD: You also have other products that they can purchase. Please tell em.. I'm sure they're excited to know...

NGU:  I sell extra clothing, handbags, doll calendars, post cards, posters and gift certificates.

ACMD: We'd like to thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything new you have coming up in the near future for us and the subscribers to look forward too?

NGU:  I am hoping to offer some of the handmade dresses for sale. I purchase some of the outfits directly from doll clothing designers. And I want people to be able to give their dolls a unique look whether they purchase a doll or not.  I also hope to add more hairstyle options in the future.

ACMD: Give a shout to your family, team and/or supporters and let em know what magazine Natural Girls United is rockin with!!

NGU: Thank you Apex Coture Mag for sharing my work with your readers.

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