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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Boosie Badazz Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Boosie Badazz talks to RevoltTV about his experience with cancer.

The Louisiana rapper recently opened up to RevoltTV for a short interview about his diagnosis with kidney cancer. It’s his first time speaking to the media about the diagnosis since he posted and then deleted an Instagram photo acknowledging he had the disease and asking for prayers from his fans. 
Boosie, legal name Torrence Hatch, had successful surgery to remove the cancerous kidney in December of 2015, and has already released a newalbum (also available on iTunes) and announced plans for a biopic based on his life.
Boosie Badazz has never been one to wallow in his feelings, but he is clearly emotional in the video. Still, he takes a positive perspective on how the diagnosis will affect his life. He cites adversity as a source of inspiration for his music, saying “that’s part of me with my music, that’s what probably will never get me to fall off, because I keep going through stuff and I keep talking about it.” The end of the interview suggests there will be more to come, both for Boosie's music and the interview itself.

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