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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

ACMD TV: Real Message: Spoken Reasons On Men Who Dress Like Women To Get Views!

Listen up niggas and bitches. That gay ass shit ain't cool no matter how the media portrays it. There's an agenda behind it. It's propaganda. It's the effeminization of the black man. Niggas it's plain and simple, if you're gay then you will not reproduce. That's what they want. You see them shooting us down in the streets like animals. That's a lot of work so the less of us there are the less they have to do that shit. They know who and what we are but we don't. They know that we are waking up. Get off that gay shit and man up you bitch ass niggas. It's not about being tough. Who will be the fathers of our children? Nigga if you actin like a bitch they gon have nothin but mamas. They need Fathers and Mothers. You niggas need to get a grip...

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