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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Los Angeles County Deputy Shooting of Noel Aguilar in Long Beach (For no fuckin reason)

Yo this video is gross. I mean these mutha fuckas killed this man for literally nothin.. From the looks of things the officer shot his partner then he shot this man repeatedly point blank range. On some real shit, we need to start shootin back bc you don't have to do nothin to get killed by these low IQ havin bitches. Protesting ain't doin and ain't gon do shit but make them kill some of the protesters. If you gon die you may as well take one of these savages with you. This shit has reached the point of no return. We see that nothin is goin to change. We see our voices are not being heard. We are at war with a federal gang in the words of KRS One... At this point it's them or us.. All I can say is try and keep yourself out of situations to where you'd have to deal with the police. You like fun? Have it at home bc yo ass could die. It's sad that we can't even go to jail no more. Nigga just dead. Str8 up death sentence. Fuck the police!

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