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Thursday, December 24, 2015


I remember back in 2002 meeting a young dude that had so much talent. I mean this lil nigga could sing his ass off and made crazy beats and didn't even know how hot the shit was. He then donated 8 tracks to my first album P-Nukkles "The Wake Up Call" including the underground radio hit "Let's Get Down" of which he sang on the hook that killed airwaves for a short period in Orlando. We then reunited to work together on my next project at So What Records the album entitled "Nukkle Up". He contributed a few tracks and assisted me on the R. Kelly/Jay Z "best of Both Worlds" inspired song "We Serious" of which set the tone for the album. Fast forward and the homie got a crazy resume for working with the biggest artists in the game recently did 2 hooks for Rick Ross. Proud of you bro! 

But we here to bring you his new mixtape "Tomorrow" and if you are indeed a fan you will love it. We look to soon bring you an interview with Kevin just chill...

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