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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This is music. This is what Hip hop is missing. Tha Truth literally. In these days where everyone is Instagram rich and nobody seems to be goin thru a struggle (based on social media profiles but in the real world niggas know they hurtin) emerges Trae Tha Truth with his Debut album and it is a pill the rap game definitely needs to swallow to help cure all this FAKE ass shit and smoke screens.  This album has substance in the concepts sewed deeply in the production which is soulful through and through. Track's like "Children of Men" feat J. Cole fell on our nostalgic bones meanwhile is current if not ahead of it's time. I mean it's hard to even go back to listening to this superficial bullshit these rap niggas spewin after you let this album sink in your soul. 

Aine even flexxin in my words. You can't compare other albums to this. I dare you to compare one of these weak ass mixtapes to this body of work. If you have a sensible head on your shoulders you will love this album. If you one of these dumb young wanna be thug niggas yeen eeeem bout to get it. Go listen to Chief Keef or some shit. We'd like to salute Trae for bringin the real back to the game.. Don't just take my words for it, see for yourself... 

Review by Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine
Instagram @ApexCotureMag

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