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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trina Talks Big Booties, “Nann,” & Young Thug’s Album Name

Last night, Trina rocked a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean as she performed on Tom Joyner’s 2015 Fantastic Voyage.
I caught up with the femcee before her performance for an exclusive interview and we talked about booty, how the hit “Nann” changed her life, and her thoughts on Young Thug wanting to name his albumThe Carter VI. Take a look.
Welcome to the Fantastic Voyage 2015, are you excited to be on your first cruise?
I found out when I got on they’ve been trying to book me for the last four years. I told them no. No offense, but I was just afraid of the boat. I was like, there is no way I’m going to get on this big gigantic ship after watching the movie Titanic. I didn’t want to get on this ship. That was my fear, so my guy said, ‘I promise you, you’re going to have fun. It’s not going to be like that.’ So far it’s been cool. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.
After Trina’s performance, she ended up partying with passengers and friends until 7 a.m. in one of the nightclubs on the ship, so it’s safe to say she’s having a fantastic time.
What can you tell us about your next album? 
I’m not rushing. I just want it to be a great art of work. I want it to be a great record, I got a lot of different sounds and I’m really excited about it.
When you recorded “Nann,” did you know the song was going to be such a huge hit?
Not at first. It wasn’t really about the song, it was more so about talking trash. Trick (Daddy) was like, ‘just slaughter him.’ Before we shot the video, Atlantic got ahold of it and they were like, what is this record? It’s crazy, everyone is going crazy over this record. What does ‘Nann’ mean? Why do you guys say that? We told them it was just a Miami slang that means you don’t know nothing that’s better than you. The record came out of nowhere and it was huge. It was scary. It was guys vs. girls and guys would be rocking for Trick, and all the girls were going crazy for me. It was a life changer because it was such a good time when that record came out and I had no idea it would be like that.
You’ve paved the way for booties everywhere, do you feel like you were ahead of the times?
I didn’t realize it at first, because when I came out and when I did “Pull Over,” it was just a natural thing. In the South, you’re just used to seeing shapely girls with butts. It’s not about working out or nothing, it’s just one of those things that in every neighborhood there is a girl with a big butt. I never realized that, even when my record came out and girls were dancing to “Pull Over,” it wasn’t about if you had the biggest butt, it was just the dance and being about it.
Now I feel like I don’t even have a butt because these girls are out of control. It’s a big epidemic. It’s not just in Miami, it’s in New York, Atlanta, L.A. It’s everywhere. It’s just one of those things. At first it was girls were fascinated with breasts, but nobody cares about that anymore. It’s all about the butt; if you don’t got the butt, it’s not it.
There has been a lot of talk about Young Thug wanting to name his album Tha Carter VI, what are your thoughts on that?
I don’t think its cool. Tha Carter VI, that’s Wayne. That belongs to him, that’s his name. It’s the continuation of what he started. The Carter I, The Carter II… To me, I think he crossed the line of craziness, honestly.

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