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Thursday, April 16, 2015

T.I. Says He’s Staying Out of the Lil Wayne and Young Thug Beef

As the Young Thug and Lil Wayne rift continues to build, rappers are starting to weigh in. While on vacation in Costa Rica with his family, frequent Thugger collaborator T.I. called up The Whoolywhood Shuffle show to chop it up with DJ Whoo Kid about rap’s biggest beef. Along with revealing that he and Thug have enough songs to drop a project of their own and may pop up on Thug’s Barter 6TIP told Whoo Kid that he’ll be watching the Young Thug-Weezy beef from the sidelines like everyone else.
“I asked Thugger myself, man. I said, ‘Hey, hey bro. What ya doin? What’s goin’ on?,’ said T.I. “And he basically responded by saying, ‘Man, everyone making more of it than it is. I’m doing it to pay homage. That’s my favorite rapper…’ I’ll be sittin’ around watching in amazement like everyone else.”
At the end of the short interview, T.I. also teased an upcoming Bankroll Mafia project. “Bankroll Mafia is the new movement out of the A-Town…Myself, Thugger and others have been able to collaborate on this record and you can look for a Bankroll Mafia project to come out soon.”
T.I. also has his own solo album, Traps Open, coming soon

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