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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Report: Tasha Smith's Husband Stole Money, Abused Her

Posted: 04/15/2015 09:45 AM EDT

Just days after Tasha Smith and her estranged husband Keith Douglas reportedly reached a divorce settlement, a source close to the actress has come forth with more allegations of abuse and cheating. According to Bossip, an insider claims Douglas was abusive, unfaithful, stole money from her and demanded sex.

A person close to Smith's sister Sidra Smith also says that Douglas berated the For Better or Worse star because she couldn't get pregnant. "He started harassing her,” the source tells Bossip. “They weren’t getting pregnant because she was a ‘b****.’ It was always her fault, and she took it. You end up hearing something enough and you start to believe it.”

“He was acting a monkey fool, spending Tasha’s money like it was his...buying thousands dollars worth of shoes on shopping sprees at one time,” the source says. “Sometimes she would have three and four scripts that she had to memorize in 24 hours. It was distracting and exhausting.”

“So in order to have peace and quiet and rest, she would surrender to his demands, which included repetitious scheduled sex on demand, meal preparations, just plain old Neanderthal ridiculous behavior,” the source adds, saying that Smith is "traumatized" by the divorce and the big spousal support payments she has to write every month. "She’s at work now in Atlanta. But it’s like she’s working to give him money.”

The insider also claims Douglas "would embezzle so much money from Tasha” and that he cheated on her with his assistant Andrea Wilson.

No word if this new information will affect the former couple's divorce settlement. Smith filed for divorce last november after seeking a restraining order against her husband, telling the court she was afraid he might kill her.

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