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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Liberty's Lost Balance By Erin Mann

Most of us were raised to respect the law, to do the right things, to treat people decently and with respect.  We are trained throughout our lives, from generally a young age, by our parents, grandparents, teachers, churches, and communities to trust the order and systems that have been put in place because they were put there for our societies preservation, comfort and security.  We were taught that those strangers that dressed in their uniforms, pinned on their badge and strapped on their weapons- kissed their children goodbye and drove off to the job that provided the paychecks for their own families needs- did so because they cared and believed in that same principle. 
Those were the ones that would protect us, keep our neighborhoods safe, secure and orderly.  They were the ones to go to if we were afraid, in trouble, or needed help.  It's a belief that, regardless of age, sex, gender, color, political association or lifestyle, most of us had been reared into accepting as fact and have faith in as our societal religion, despite our spiritual ones.

But now here we are in a time in history, where so many of us have lost that faith.  We have begun to look at these foot soldiers of lady liberty as not our protectors, but instead as our enemy.  It's been almost too easy for the "unaffected" to turn a blind eye and blame other factors for the corruption- to pass judgment on others based on the color of their skin, the neighborhood where they reside or simply a distaste for their choice in wardrobe or vehicle.  We have past the point of having the luxury of blind ignorance now with all the "coincidences"  happening in this country being broadcast, written about or recorded by the average citizens cell phone.  We are now at a point where denial can no longer be hidden behind and we must acknowledge that it affects us ALL - myself included as a thirty something year old Caucasian female with blonde hair, blue eyes and mother of five (my personal story to come in a later article).
The old adage "ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY" has taken on a new meaning in this day and age and unfortunately a new level of superiority and ego has been distributed as standard issue as these officers take their oathes to serve and protect.  They threaten our freedom if we are disobedient, don't like our demeanor, or are simply in a bad mood.  Police now know that they not only have the ability, but the right to force you to the ground, twist your shoulders s behind your back, tighten a pair of cold steel bracelets around your bent wrists.  They are permitted to forcefully and physically push into the back of their cage on wheels until they dispose of you into their "real" cages.  The empty your pockets, touch your bodies, remove your clothing and hold you behind the urine scented cinder block walls, sitting in discomfort and squalor for their definite terms of time, only to be decided by the powers to be.  All rise- in shackles and jumpsuits waiting for the aging stranger in a black robe to reign over your fate - the one that forgot what it meant to make the misjudhments of youth, unaccidentally and quite metaphorically several feet above his audience.  He (or she) sits upon their throne of leather to determine your fate after vaguely listening to a monotone two minute monolog from a 25 year old prosecutor that has trouble matching his own clothes while staring blankly at a sheet of paper that rests on his expensive mahogany desk that my tax dollars aided in paying for.
The premise of innocent until proven guilty has wickedly been reversed.  Affirmation is granted that an officer of a law is above those laws- given freedoms behind that metal star they wear on their chests to assault, mame, kill, hold captive, steal from, lie to, verbally abuse, digitally rape, molest and fondle their suspects as they hide behind the hypocracy, bureaucracy and excuses of protecting themselves .  Once you are behind "their" walls, whether doors or bars or steel, you cease to have any rights. Time only exists according their convenience, memory, boredom or Mercy.  Phone calls, visitors, medical attention, hygenic necessities, food, etc all only come when they choose to turn a key or pop a lock on the cell they have you trapped in.  If you challenge them your safety exists only when they choose to turn their heads to see the danger, and the stronger you stand against them the more pain and solitude you will endure and the harsher punishment you will face.

This team of justice enforcers exclusively determine how much money you will pay for your alleged infractions, money being robbed from feeding the mouths of your own children.  They decide how much time you spend away from your loved ones, potentially risking jobs and careers, while you are forced to use the unclean stainless steel toilets amongst strangers, sleeping on a cold concrete floor or a one inch plastic mat, eating food most human beings wouldn't feed their dogs, being violated inside and out based on their whims of suspicion - ALL which happens BEFORE you are even permitted to voice your plea of innocent or guilt, or a jury member consisting of your peers hears one word of testimony or see one shred of evidence- a right guaranteed us by the sixth amendment of the constitution of the United states - ironically the same document they were all sworn to protect and uphold.
Not all police departments, judges, jails, corrections officers or courts behave this way , however as a citizen of this country I feel that it is beyond time to tear down that blue wall that those who abuse their power and authority hide behind amd expose the truth.  The civility and fairness this country was built on has been altered by their lack of accountability, permissions, blind-eyes, and "above the law" freedoms these "enforcers" have not only been given, but grown to rely upon for their inhumane behaviors and superiority complexes. 
Yes, there are is real evil that exists amongst us that deserve worse than death for their crimes.  The immoral, sociopaths, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, abusers, embezzlers, thieves, and violent monsters that stumble around our streets looking for prey, just as there are those behind the same bars that have done nothing.  One question surfaces and that is "how do we fix this reprehensible problem?" I certainly don't have all the answers but i do know that one must be found soon before the people of this country have finally reached their breaking point and anarchy takes over, as we have already begun to see as we watch on our evening news channels. Witnessing protesters being maced and arrested, riots in our streets, media being silenced or threatened, basic civil rights afforded by our country's founders being ignored or disregarded, and enduring the retaliations based on the frustrations of these injustices.  Lady liberty, please re-balance your scales of justice we all once so admired. 

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