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Monday, January 12, 2015


In light of the Future/Migos type flow which is making waves through the industry for the ones who just don't see originality as an option, this is another installment of that legacy if you will. The dare to create your own lane seems to be untouched in most cases and this one is no different but if you tell niggas that they sound like or are borrowing from an already worn out formula, they'd most likely get offended and call you a hater which is the default copp out.

The mixtape starts out good with "The coldest winter ever" with decent production and auto tune driven (wish I could talk about something new) touching on the subject of things being all white and cocaine and blah blah fucking blah. With tracks like "Cut", "Dope Talk" and one I do like "I sure do" you will find yourself traveling down that same road traveled everyday for all trap niggas that really don't do the shit they talk about but make it sound so easy (don't know them personally to say that they're flexin just makin a point) . Everyone is not a trapper so if you're not, you may want to bypass this one. Unless you just like that type of music to live out a fantasy that you'd never be part of. Bottom line, ain't nothing new under the sun which is true but if you gon talk about dope, how about you create your own formula to make it refreshing for the music consumers.

At Apex Coture we believe in honesty and not sugar coating shit. These guys are working hard to put their music out to the world and that we do respect. We just wish that more rappers would put all that energy into originality or trend setting. It seems as if we are zombies all on the same path and that's just not the case. But you know we only give our view. We also give you the chance to form your own opinion of the music because you may think it's the hottest shit ever so with that being said here ya go! 

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Review by: Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine

IG @a_tuan_apexcoture

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