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Monday, January 12, 2015


Philly has another rising star. The homie Quilly's second installment of his self titled body of work. Strong content, crisp production and BARZ. He has the Philly feel which is what we love from the city of brotherly love. But he has an original carved path and is using his craft to maneuver through the game touching all necessary topics from trapping to being honest about his struggles. 

Using terms like "Wavy" rounding out the rough edges of a hungry artist that has the grit of the dirty streets but being polished into a distinguished street representative. Meaning you can feel the authenticity of his movement not tryna be what these other dudes are but only himself. Refreshing and Apex Coture approved.

He gives you that with this mixtape and he dares to go get them ladies which is always needed. You niggas be in the trap all day and night but ain't getting no pussy? The homie here is not reserved at all when it comes to expressing his appreciation for God's greatest creation. 

Track 13 "What Happened" sums up the mixtape in a melodic much needed delivery as a gift to those who appreciate the pain in the hood. Just check it out for yourself and thank us later.

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Review by: Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine

IG @a_tuan_apexcoture

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