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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Meet the our Seductive Secret weapon Scarlet S. Ryan. This is a special occasion. We chose her to represent our magazine because the stars aligned to create this magical moment. Most people don't even know what they want let alone what they need. So it's our job to think for you. To feed you the eye candy strategically. To hand pick the perfectionists of their craft and merge our talents together to bring you educational entertainment and excitement. Yes I said educational. Scarlet represents skill. A skill that you may not have an eye for because all you see is a chick you want to have sex with because she's hot.

Or you see a woman that you would rather your man not look at because you may think it's inappropriate but in actuality you know she's hot. 

We can just choose any woman with a pretty face, nice ass and body and put them on our cover but not all are worthy. Not all can conquer the precision it takes to control the camera. You gotta fuck that camera. You must let this camera know you're in control and it and the person handling it are privileged to be in this moment.

 You must seduce the camera. The watchers must feel intimately possessed by you when they look into your eyes as if your were looking right at them. You have to have so much life in a still frame that it almost looks as if this picture just moved. Mind fuckin you through a flik. When you can master that ability then you are a step closer to being worthy of being one of the chosen few.

Scarlet's work speaks volumes and she has a fan base that would knock yo ass silly dare you negatively speculate on what you may see as her flaws for they make her perfectly imperfect.

So it's cool fellas. Get your lube or lotion whatever you prefer. Wait til your wife or significant other goes off to work or to the store and you can go to work on yourself. Or you can appreciate the artistry, the genius, the thought, the calculated steps that are carefully measured and applied to the work here.

  Can you see it? You can lie to me but you can't lie to yourself. You don't feel the seduction? If not then take yo ass over to the NY Times this ain't for you you're paraplegic.

We do this for the men and women who are inspired by the fine arts that the human body creates. Not the people who live regular lives and thinks that this line of work is slutty or trashy because clearly you have a boring life and misery loves company. Let Scarlet help you step outside the box of yo boring ass life.

  Let her eyes look into your soul and pull out that spontaneous creature who wants to live and breathe but yo lame ass keeps it quiet. Why? Because you're afraid. You're afraid of what others may think of you for being who you truly are. Scarlet don't rep that. You're afraid that you can't pull off the extraordinary. Scarlet don't rep that either. What she stands for is whatever your line of work is, you be the best at it. Innovate, create, lead, open doors and stop letting the world tell yo green ass which way to go.

It's your time now and we are utilizing this beautiful tool to help you manufacture life out of yo dead ass existence. Harsh you say? You know we don't have any filters at Apex Coture and don't plan on havin any. Somebody gotta tell it like it is and we couldn't exist any other way. So if anyone is offended, good. You deserve it. Your welcome. 

We sat down in an interview with Scarlet just so that you know she's down to earth and not super human. Damnit I wish she was but you don't have to be to do what she does.

Let her words move on you.

ACMD: Scarlet you are what we call the secret weapon. you have sex appeal mastered down to a science. Or does it just happen naturally?

Scarlet:  Thank you so much for the kinds words!  Actually I have always felt like its a little bit of both.  If you don't feel sexy inside, then you are always going to have a difficult time portraying sex appeal, but at the same time, you also have to take a look at your past work, and always keep asking yourself how can I ramp it up for my next shoot, how can I bring the sexiness?  Its those types of changes that keep me evolving and keep the sex appeal at a high level!

ACMD: I can dig that. You sure have your followers greasing their palms a whole lot. Excuse if that was inappropriate but we like to roll with no filters. So how long have you been modeling? Where you from? The people want to feel closer to you.

Scarlet:  I started modeling when I was in high school, then left if for a few years and have recently gotten back into it in the last 5 years.  I was born and raised in the Dallas TX metro area, so I am a Texan through and through.  For those of you who know how we do it in Texas, bigger is ALWAYS better!

ACMD: The south sure has a lot to offer. Tell us more about your style of modeling and what are some of your other endeavors other than being a camera killa!

Scarlet:  Well I consider my style of modeling to always be evolving, I never want things to get dull, because that's not good for me or my fans.  Let's face it, if someone can tell if your picture was taken two days ago or two years ago then you have to ask yourself what in the world are you doing to make your work get better and evolve.  I consider the point that I'm at right now to be racy sophistication... Its hot, its sexy and its classy!  I love it! 

As for other endeavors, I want to pursue more video work.  I have already been getting more and more small parts and being asked to participate in some pretty cool things coming up, so I am really excited about the future.

ACMD: Hmmmmm Gorgeous and busy. Please tell us how you feel about being chosen for the September cover story in our magazine.

Scarlet:  Well plain and simple, its an absolute honor!  Just knowing someone thinks highly enough of your work they would even consider you to represent a magazine and then to actually be chosen for the cover is really beyond what I ever could of imagined.  Also, its just as exciting to know my fans will have an opportunity to see me on the cover as well.  I get a lot of fan mail from people wanting to know what magazines I'm going to be in and to be able tell them I'm on the cover really makes a girl feel proud!

ACMD: That's Awesome! We we're excited when you excepted our offer. Now all the men want to know your marital status. This could be a dream killer for your fans so you can plead the fifth or be proud of your status and kill em softly or keep their dreams alive. Your choice....

Scarlet:  I get that question all the time.  Lets just say I'm on the prowl and leave it at that!  Not sure if that's killen them softly or just flat out killing them!

ACMD: I think the curiosity of it is enticing. I'm sure they wanna know how they can follow you via twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Go head and bless em one time!

Twitter--    @ScarletRyanVIP     
Instagram--  @ScarletRyanVIP     

ACMD: You read it right folks. Stay locked to Apex Coture because you know we love our babies they are royalty and Scarlet you are now a part of our team. We love you and will keep these fans of your posted on everything Scarlet S. Ryan. Just let em know what magazine you rockin with!!!!

Scarlet:  I'm rockin with Apex Coture, because they know how to kill it!

ACMD: Ya betta know that!!! 

Article and Interview conducted by Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright
Instagram a_tuan_apexcoture

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