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Friday, January 24, 2014

Spice 1 Recalls Taunting Tupac While On "Gang Related" Set

Spice 1 says he was supposed to be with Tupac Shakur the week the rapper was killed in Las Vegas.
During an appearance on the 100th episode of theMurder Master Music Show, Spice 1 touched on his relationship with the late Tupac Shakur and recalled spending time with 'Pac prior to his death.
Spice 1 was one of a handful of artists present as Tupac took part in filming for the Jim Kouf-directed film Gang Related. The gangsta rap lyricist says he poked fun of Tupac due to the police uniform he wore while on set and requested that he “take that shit off.” In Gang Related, Tupac played the role of a crooked cop named Detective Rodriquez.
“I was kicking it with Pac on the set of his movie,” Spice 1 said. “On the set of the movie with him and James Belushi and he was like ‘Man, you know, Kokane. Go get Kokane.’ I said ‘Hell yeah. I’mma go get Kokane. Nigga, that’s the homie.’ I went and got Kokane. We went back over to 'Pac['s] trailer while he was shooting the movie. I was talking shit to him cause he was dressed like the police. Remember that shit? Remember I was like, ‘Man, take that shit off.’ As soon as he got off we walked out the trailer I said, ‘Man, take that shit off. You look like the police, nigga.’”

Gang Related serves as one of a handful of movies starring Tupac that were released following his death. Other films released posthumously include Bullet and Gridlock’d.
While appearing on the Murder Master Music Show, Spice 1 says he was supposed to be with Tupac in Vegas the week he was shot and killed.
“You don’t know about the fact that Pac—that Tupac’s last two days and me and you was supposed to go to Vegas with him,” he said.
Spice 1 is currently at work on Hater's Nightmare, an album he says will serve as a follow up toAmeriKKKa's Nightmare.
“You know we did AmeriKKKa's Nightmare; now we doin' Hater's Nightmare," he said during an interview with The Bee Shine last year. "It's a nightmare for niggas all over the world that's hatin'."

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