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Thursday, December 19, 2013

DJ Whoo Kid Recalls T.I. Pulling A Gun On Him

DJ Whoo Kid also says T.I. may have been paranoid at the time.
DJ Whoo Kid recently discussed some of his experiences within the music industry in a feature titled "Mixtape Memories" via In the interview, Whoo Kidspeaks about a time when he met T.I. in a hotel room. 
“We used to film on tour, and flip the hotel rooms up and lift the bed up and move shit around because we didn’t want it to look like a hotel room," Whoo Kid says in the article. "So [my videographer] Dan The Man is chilling, getting the lighting setup. T.I. comes up in the hotel room without letting me know, because I was in the bathroom taking a shit. But we had the door open, because were waiting for the managers and everybody to come. So T.I. opens the door and I’m coming out of the bathroom, but he sees the plastic on the floor and the bed is flipped over and he’s thinking it’s a setup, like, ‘They’re gonna kill me.’ So he [pulls out a gun], and I’m like, ‘Ah!’ And his manager is like, ‘Yo, what are you doing? It’s Whoo Kid! This is for the video!’ So if you look at 'Rewind,' you see him with the .38 he had. That’s what he pulled out on me. At the time, I think he had beef with the world, and thought everybody wanted to kill him." 
DJ Envy recently shared a similar story about a misunderstanding that led to a Nas pulling a gun out on him.
“This was when mixtapes was big," Envy said. "And I was and this was when nobody would take my mixtapes. I mean, I was trying to sell mixtapes to everybody. And at the time Clue was popping and all they wanted was Clue. So, I remember coming out the Coliseum and I seen Nas and I think it was a Lexus. So, I seen him I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s Nas.’ So, now I got my mixtapes and I’m running up the block. I’m like ‘This is Nas. I’m in Queens. You don’t see this. This is Nas.’ It’s me and my mans with me and I’m like ‘Yo Nas, hold up. I got something for you.’ So Nas, he stops and he looks at me and he tells the girls to get in the car. He says ‘What you got for me?’ I go in my bag and when I come up [from] my bag, Nas has a gun on me. ‘What the fuck you got for me? What you mean you got something for me?’ I’m sitting there like—I dropped my bag and everything. I’m like, ‘A mixtape. It’s just a mixtape. I swear, it’s just a mixtape. Look, look, look. Mixtape, mixtape.’ And Nas gave me the look…He did one of these ‘Yo, you know shit is real out here, man. You don’t come up to nobody and say ‘you got something for me,’ man. Gimme that mixtape.’ He took the mixtape, put the gun back in his pants, went in his car, and drove off.’ And after that I’ve never approached another artist with, ‘I got something for you.’ Never again.”

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