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Monday, December 9, 2013

50 Cent Confused by Kanye West's Rants

If Kanye West is still in search of "the answers" he was looking for during an interview with Sway Calloway, he may want to turn to 50 Cent for guidance. The G-Unit frontman has laid a blueprint to becoming a mogul outside of music and weighed in on West's incessant outbursts, Nelson Mandela and other topics on DJ Whoo Kidd's Shade 45 radio show
With a net worth estimated at $260 million, amassed mostly through his stake in Vitamin Water and work in film, television, boxing and even apparel (at one time), 50 can certainly understand what West is going through. On the flip side, he's confused as to how the Chicago rapper's tirades will help him land investments to launch a clothing line. "I don't know how that helps," 50 said. "The problem, what he's talking about, it doesn't make any…" he stammered, ending with, "Communication with Sway is not gonna adjust that."
The fashion heads rejecting West are "passionate" about their craft and therefore not as open to celebrity designers, Fif pointed out. "[It's] the same way they didn't embrace [Lil] Wayne immediately in skateboard culture," he explained. "The people who do it, do it. So they're passionate about it and they're like wait, 'you're tryna look like us?' They don't wanna embrace it at first."
The Queens MC also shared his perspective on Mandela during the interview. The global response to the anti-apartheid leader's death last week is a testament to his impact, noted Fif. "At 95, you're still not prepared for the loss of people that have a strong impression on people coming up ... those people who dedicate themselves to helping others," he said, comparing meeting Mandela in South Africa to being in the pressence of "a king." 
On the music front, 50 touched on Street King Immortal, his first studio album in over four years, "constantly recording music" and Animal Ambition, a project with DJ Whoo Kid scheduled to precede his long-awaited release. 

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