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Friday, November 22, 2013

Young Buck Recording With Game, Waka Flocka Flame In The Studio

Recently, Young Buck reunited with Sha Money XL in the studio. Now, the list of collaborators continues to grow.
New footage shows Young Buck and fellow G-Unit expatriate Game together in the studio for the first time in years.
Game was featured on the alternate version of the song "Stomp" from Buck's 2004 studio debut, Straight Outta Cashville, and the duo has collaborated on select other tracks. Each emcee had a falling out with G-Unit lead 50 Cent:

Game isn't the only emcee that Young Buck has been in the studio with, as Buck Marley has also been filmed recording with Waka Flocka Flame.
Waka Flocka and Buck were previously featured together on "Choppa Down" from Waka Flocka Myers Pt. 2.
In the video, Buck records with Waka and 1017 Brick Squad artists Wooh Da Kid and Nephew Texas Boy:

Young Buck was recently released from prison after serving an 18-month sentence on weapons charges. Buck emerged from prison debt-free after owing thousands prior to begining his prison sentence in 2012.
In addition to Game and Sha Money, Buck also received support from Tony Yayo, a one-time rival after Buck became estranged with 50 Cent.

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