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Friday, November 22, 2013

ACMD TV: Jada Pinkett-Smith Fuels Divorce Rumors With New Video

Mama Bear Jada Pinkett-Smith is keeping those pesky divorce rumors alive with her band Wicked Wisdom's new video, "Stuck," which ironically looks a lot like a Will Smith movie.
In the intro, the rocker sits alone in a room, staring at her wedding ring. She then loosens it from her finger and lets it fall to the floor before she walks off to belt out lyrics like, "I remember when you kissed me/ Said you'd always love me/ Your words broke me and left me there/ Staring at a shadow," and "Some nights I feel the way you touch me/ Those nights I believe that you once loved me/ Tonight I wish that you could hold me/ And now it's time to end this story."
She posted the clip to her Twitter Sunday (Nov. 17) along with the message: "The idea being that when we concentrate on dealing with and cleaning up our own stuff... all things fall in place."
For the past couple of years, her now 17-year marriage to Will has been the subject of separation rumors, fueled most recently by gossip that he cheated on her with a co-star in his upcoming film, Focus.
He's attempted to put all that to rest, saying in an interview with Necole Bitchie earlier this year, "There is nobody on Earth that I would still try to be better for [...] Jada is a beast."
By the end of "Stuck," Jada has been "reborn," emerging from a lake dressed in white. She stares at her hand again, the wedding ring back on her finger.
"Stuck" is the first single from the nu metal band's next, still incomplete, album. Their first two albums were released in 2004, My Story; and 2006, Wicked Wisdom.

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