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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Everybody's got somethin to say about Miley Cyrus. A whole lot of criticism and judging goin on but we gon dig off in the real for a Duval minute.

We know Miley be twerkin but ain't got no ass. We know that she was a child star from the Disney network. Ok that's fine. As of now the girl is an adult, she makes her own money and can pretty much do what the fuck she wants. Why the hell is everyone so friggin sensitive  about this girl? You don't like her? Don't buy her music or buy into her brand ( videos, tv, clothes etc ). Obviously the girl is damn good at marketing because she sholl got all of our attention.

Outside of all her so called "crazy" moments I think that she is very good at what she does. I give credit where it's due. If you want gossip or us to slam her well that shit ain't gon happen. You can hit the tabloids for that kinda shit.

Apex Coture is a positive driven magazine so we will find the good with logic and common sense in anyone or and situation if it is there to be found without smothering it all up in negativity. Y'all wanna try that? Well ya should.

Her album Bangerz was put together nicely with solid production a mix of Pop, country, R&B and Hip Hop. Her fan base is stupid large and not getting any smaller. She is a fucking franchise. How you gon be against that? Tell me this, You think you can stop her? Go ahead, we'll wait.

Any of you people 30 and older that have so much to say, how perfect were you when you were 18-21?
Imagine you had that type of star power at that age. Now go ahead and lie to yourself and say you would have been the perfect little angel. Feel better you fucking liar? Let that baby do her thang and get you a life to worry about.

We support Miley over here. Yall can do what yall want over there....

Column by: Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

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