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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Melissa De Sousa Speaks On Her Role In ‘The Best Man Holiday’: Sometimes You Just Want To Be Bad'

Since it’s Friday release, The Best Man Holiday has gone toe-to-toe with an Asgardian God (Thor: The Dark World) and came close to equaling the total box office numbers of 1999’s original Best Man in just over a weekend (an impressive $30 million, thank you very much) as Malcolm D. Lee is already in talks with Universal to write and direct another sequel to the hit romantic comedy.
For cast member Melissa De Sousa, she is well aware why audiences are drawn to The Best Man Holiday crew. The veteran actress says the characters in popular franchise, particularly the saucy bad girl Shelby, have made an indelible connection with fans.
“When I first read the script, there was something that jumped off the page [about Shelby],” De Sousa explains. “She is somebody that sometimes everybody wants to be, but doesn’t have the courage. She says things that people want to say. And she behaves how people want to behave. So for me, it was fun because sometimes you just want to be bad.”
But De Sousa admits she is nothing like Shelby. The New York native says she was far from the boisterous, bold character.
“I’ve always been kind of an introvert growing up,” she says. “People even picked on because I was quiet. But this character is so out there, so I love playing [Shelby]. Just being crazy and bad and speaking mind and not giving a shit what anyone thinks. So it’s fun to step out of yourself and do something like that.”
The Best Man Holiday is in theaters now- Keith Murphy COURTESY OF VIBE MAGAZINE

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