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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hillary Clinton 2016?

Before I give you the link to my Baby Hillary's super early endorsement by Chuck Schumer, I'd just like to say I support Hillary for President to the fullest (Antuan speaking) and you may not agree but that's cool you can suck a Donkey Dick. I think that she is qualified, more Boss than any Republican out there I'm mean their only hope would be Chris Christy (if I spelled his name wrong SO! Government been spellin mine wrong for 32yrs) to run up against her and she has the credentials.. Tell me you haven't seen Mrs. Clinton puttin down for the U.S. globally for the past 5-10 yrs. I don't like labels but I tend to be more Liberal than Conservative but on some issues I totally agree with Conservatives when they don't have their heads up their asses but that's not often. If you disagree, you can gladly start a friendly debate by leaving your comments. We don't take anything personal here but I'd rather us debate about politics than to be in the street debating over stupid petty shit... Hillary 2016 Bitches!!! Antuan POW!

Here's your link You've now been put on!

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