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Monday, November 18, 2013



I can relate to this story because I am one of those fathers. All over this country there are men being ridiculed in child support courts fighting just to even be able to see the child that they pay to support. Men who love there children dearly but are in pain because of the mother having some sort of agenda. Ladies this is not about your deadbeat children's fathers because they don't count. We are talking about the men that work hard, support there kids but are not able to see them. Or even the men that attempt to support there children but the mother refuses off the record just to go on the record in court to to state that he's not helping her. And why? There are so many reasons. And you women know who you are. Of course you would never acknowledge that you are this way because then you would not be able to deal with this lie you've created in your head that you've convinced yourself to believe. Oh yeah, these women actually believe their own bullshit. They know that he's a good father. They know that you guys just didn't work out, he moved on but is fulfilling his obligation to his child. They know that they are just not feeling him any more so the next guy or girl they deal with they will appoint them to be the "Replacing" father (or father stand in if they're gay). They know all of this. But that type of sickness is evil, addicting and they get comfortable in it.

One thing you women can't change is that child's DNA. That man has a GOD GIVEN right to that child. We are not talkin about the law. That shit shifts and is legislated daily to suit the needs of the greedy court system and government. If you ladies think that that judge is concerned with your or that child's well being, you are sadly mistaken. You are dealing with a system designed to swallow men and women up in litigation, Leans, court orders, and of course JAIL. Your just a tool to make their job that much easier. Good fathers being placed in debt $10's of thousand's of dollars because you decided to wait til he finally married his girlfriend and is happy without being with you, your child is now 8yrs old and even tho he's been helping you financially with your child you decide to file for child support, they grant it then obligates him to 8yrs back pay which will amount to $20,000 or more. So everything he did all these years before is considered as a gift to the courts and doesn't count. They start to freeze his assets and accounts. Judge him if he looks nice in a court appearance stating that he has on such nice shoes why can he pay $20 fuckin thousand dollars. All the while your smiling and lovin it because it causes a strain on his new marriage, his much needed relationship with his child and the child them self. 

Yes, this affects your child. Because your child loves their father. He's always been there. Every weekend taking his child somewhere fun and spending quality time with the child creating that much needed bond between child and father. Oh you didn't know? A child needs their father equally as they need their mother. But you don't care what your child needs. It's all about your agenda.

Now you start to fill your child's head up with all these negative things about their father that just aren't true but guess what? Your child is gonna get older and realize that YOU were the one that was full of shit. Not Daddy. The Karmic Law has to rule over all situations. You may think you winnin now, but it will be back to bite you in yo ass.

Column by Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine-Digital

Check out this Blog by Verity Reign

CHICK CHAT: Women Who Keep Men Away From Their Children Disgust Me

Whether a disgruntled ex-wife, spiteful baby momma or an all-for-self girlfriend, I can’t stand any woman who comes in the way of a father trying to establish a solid and much-needed relationship with his children. My disdain is so intense, that you’d think I was the victim of a fatherless childhood due to some maniac of a woman. I’ve still seen it though, thanks to internships required by my social work major. The fact that someone could be so cruel and selfish that she’d intentionally try to create a void in the heart of a man and his child both angers and saddens me. Absent fathers is an all-too-familiar social epidemic in our country, without the help of women prying them away from their children
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Three things to be said about women who try to keep men away from their children are…
1) They can’t be trusted
A woman (who is said to be more nurturing by nature), whose heart will allow her to hinder a father from being in his child’s life is not trustworthy, in any regard. She’s all for self and doesn’t mind playing dirty, no matter how much it damages and pains someone else—even if that someone else is an innocent child.
I’ve always been one to not only observe how my friends treat me, but also how they treat others. Even if she seems like your bestie and the most loyal ride or die ever, it’s only a matter of time before you too will probably fall victim to her selfish ways. People like this are often nice as long as everything is working in their favor, but the minute things take a left turn and they think their own desires are in jeopardy, they have no problem transforming into the most heartless versions of themselves and betraying whoever is blocking them from what they want. If you choose to befriend such a woman, prepare to live a life walking on egg shells in hopes of staying on her good side.
2) Their Love Has A Limit
As much as a bitter ex may claim to love her children, or selfish girlfriend may claim to love her man, that love is very restricted and operates on a conditional basis if she tries to break a father-child relationship. When you truly love someone, you want nothing more than for that person to be the best they can be, and you accept them along with everything they come with.
As a wife or girlfriend, how can you really love a man if you won’t allow him to take care of his parental responsibilities, which in turn make him a better person? Furthermore, how can you love him if you don’t love all of him—including his children, which are an extension of who he is? As a mother, how can you love your children unconditionally if you can’t put their need of a father in front of your personal hangups? True love is selfless and unconditional, and it when it really exists, the heart does what’s right no matter how hard it is.
3) They’re apart of the Bigger Problem
Approximately 24 million American children live in biological father-absent homes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In the larger scheme of things, children without fathers are more likely to experience a variety of social disadvantages. For example, “youths in father-absent households still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father families” and girls without active fathers are at greater risk for teen pregnancy, according to Keeping a man away from his children and vice versa not only causes damage on a micro level, but it also transcends to a societal level and creates issues, from poverty to crime, that everyone is left to deal with.
Have you ever known an ex or new girlfriend/wife that tried to come in between a man and his children? Share with the beauties!
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