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Monday, September 23, 2013


Tory Lanez "Conflicts of my soul" Mixtape.. I been followin this young Toronto native since 2011 and I've grown quite fond of the young nigga's style. He sticks to his script and that's women and fly shit in a very choppy to melodic manner. Makes you question "Do all niggas from Toronto sing and rap?" (Drake, The Weeknd). In all it works for this dude. Meanwhile niggas around him "Hate on the low" he called em out in a playa type fashion. On "Friends" he reminds the females that it's possible to Fuck and be friends. I totally agree. One of the best relationships to have. Maybe that's why I like the guy, we have so much in common. Either way he smooooooooooves you thru this mixtape and I can put our Stamp of approval on it proudly. If you never heard of him, consider yourself PUT ON like we always be doin and you can go download it RIGHT NOW @ Go get it!!!

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