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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Konceited Shawn

SPOTLIGHT: Konceited Shawn! Ladies we know you all have needs also and we do apologize for the delay.. But we are right on time with the homie here! 30yr old model from New Jersey and resides right here in Duval county. He been puttin down for over a year in the modeling industry and is only gaining momentum but I guess y'all can see why. This ain't even the half of what he has in store for y'all especially now that he's down with the Apex Coture family we gone make sure he keeps y'all juices flowin enuff to fill up a Big Gulp cup and aine even gon lie once he get y'all to pourin up I'm gon be right there with my cup bc he not gon need all that juice. It'll be enuff for for him and the fellas in the Apex Coture fam to share lol.. Be lookin out for his exclusive pics and interview right here @ and we gon get him up in that first issue when it drops to keep y'all hearts throbbin. Don't say we don't be lookin out for you. Now say to yourselves what's the hottest new magazine on the scene, APEX COTURE!!! Damn right ladies remember that ;)

Spotlight by: Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazine Digital


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