Saturday, July 20, 2013


Trevino "U kno what it iz.... No Favorz". Let the homie welcome you to Orlando, FL his way. Str8 to the point O.G sh!t he sets it off with "Hey Girl" and keeps the women entertained and gives them some motivation on "Slidin down dat pole" so later on she can "Ben ova" and do them thangs that "Excites me" but he not afraid to let wifey know "Ura Blessing". The homie been puttin down in The "O" for a grip so you know heen on that "Stupid sh!t". If yeen got it, get it bc you gon wanna keep up with his catalog and also check his Trevino Gray fb page.  or contact Antuan Wright @904 586 6293 to get your music reviewed by our magazine.

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