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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Been reading a lot of ill reviews about Jay-Z,'s Magna Carta Holy Grail but what I don't understand is wtf you ppl want from him? No rapper has accomplished what this man has. No rapper is spittin like this man is. "Conspiracy theorist screamin illuminati/they can't believe this much skill lives in the human body". Ppl evolve, times doesn't stand still. Y'all want "Reasonable doubt" Jay? Well its no longer "Reasonable doubt" day. So maybe you critics are stuck in some time warp but don't expect this man to be stuck with you. I speak of the album as a whole not gonna pin point one song. I think the album is hot, its hip hop and you niggas need to clean this new bullshit oucha ears because clearly you've adjusted and settled for this hogwash wacksauce these niggas feedin you these days. This is my our review for MCHG. Apex Coture magazine coming soon.

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