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Monday, October 23, 2023

From Pain to Beauty: Healer of the East


She creates handmade jewelry, art, & resin!

The celebrity she would do a photoshoot with would be Edris Elba!

In the midst of storms, there is always one person who guides the community to a more hopeful future, and that kind yet powerful person, who is from Raleigh NC is a beautiful woman by the name of Ashley Jordan.

She started her passion for fashion when her mother signed her up for classes with John Casablanca. Of course, her excitement and nervousness showed because she was so young and unsure of what she liked, but she eventually found a bit more balance through runway practices and make-up classes.

The beauty of life is that Inspiration can come from strangers. So, throughout her life, people told her that she was beautiful and confident and that she had a great personality. Then, in September 2019, she decided to become a freelance model. As we know the beauty standards in the fashion industry have become less restrictive, but there are still many challenges for those with unique qualities.

There are many ways to get your toes wet in the fashion industry, and when she began modeling, she admits she didn't know much, but she found it easy to learn once she did her research and put what she learned to the test.

We often have dreams and goals that we desire to pursue but that does not stop us from our other responsibilities. Ella's daughter was about 5 when she started modeling, but she didn't find it hard to move forward with her goals because she had a great support system. But, when she had her son two years ago, it became difficult to handle a new baby and her modeling career. So, she put her modeling career on hold to be a mother and give her kids her undivided attention.

So far in her career, she has walked in eight fashion shows, and she absolutely loved each experience! Her most memorable fashion show was for an amazing designer by the name of Hippy Ky. She is a young designer in the Greensboro area. The show was at The Elsewhere Museum in downtown Greensboro. In Ashley's review, not only was this location amazing but her performances and audience left her speechless. Surprisingly, the designer fitted and styled her right before the show actually started! She was honored to be a part of such a creative, artistic, and original opportunity.

In that experience and others, she was led to one of her biggest career accomplishments which was coordinating a fashion show platform created by: Dewayne Hinnant called: Beauty is Pain. The show was a domestic violence awareness event presented by the I Am Enough Body Confidence Movement. The show was meant to not only bring awareness to domestic violence but to also celebrate those who have survived those types of traumatic experiences.

Ashley's Advice for Future Models

· Stay consistent,

· Do your research,

· Ask other models questions

· Perfect your craft

· Never give up on yourself

· Perfect your craft

· Know your worth

If you want to learn more about all the wonderfulness that she is made with, please check out the following:

Instagram: @baeashleyae


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Ashley Jordan said...

omg thank you so much for the opportunity to share who i am.





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