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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

HIGH CLASS BOSS TALK with Antuan Featuring Zat Carlo$

 ACM: Welcome to High-Class Boss Talk, we're tapping in with the homie Zat Carlo$. Zat, talk to us about your upbringing in Joliet, IL. 

ZC: My upbringing in Joliet was ok. I come from humble beginnings in a middle-class working family. My mom was a nurse and my grandfather was the neighborhood mechanic. I'm from the eastside. I've been over here my whole life. Some of the worst memories & most memorable moments came off this side for me. It's your typical high-crime area that we're all trying our best to get out of.

ACM: Talk to us about your prison bid and how you utilized that time and experience to shape the man you are today in music.

ZC: My prison bid really helped me shine light on my craft & take it more seriously. The bid alone was a chance to change the narrative of my life & I also created a soundtrack to it. My first adult case happened when I was seventeen. That lead me to end up doing over 8 years in prison for a childhood mistake. Sitting down all that type really helped me conjure up & cultivate the rapper you see today. “Zat Carlo$” was years in the making. 

ACM: You speak about untimely deaths early on in your career. What was the significance of those losses?

ZC: The deaths that struck me early on in my career almost put me at a standstill just off the magnitude and hurt alone. All in all, I know my brothers would want me to press on in their honor. I'm still here able to keep their names alive.

ACM: We see that you are hitting the ground running in 2023. Talk to us about your upcoming projects and shows. There seems to be a heavy Zat Carlo$ run upon us.

ZC: As far as projects go, I'm dropping my highly anticipated album “Fashion Rapper” on valentines day. On the 20th of January “Back 2 Back” drops as well with a slew of videos to match. Yall stay tuned for that. “Zat Wick” tape will also be dropping on 3-25-23. I just got put on the bill for a few shows and upcoming events so I'll be around. I'll be in and out of Atlanta & Chicago all month so DM me let’s work.

ACM: In closing, with so many rappers uploading thousands to millions of songs daily hoping to either catch a big break or build a solid fan base, tell us what sets you apart from typical rappers. 

ZC: To be completely honest I think what separates me is my work ethic alone. No one works as hard as me and I think it's directly correlated to my belief and support. If I ain't have as much on the line I'd probably be trash or just another rapper with no plans or pursuit of his dreams. I understand that it's work that has to be put in in order to achieve what you set out to do. Pure love alone for the sport is all I ever need. My pen is always working & if you need a song for any occasion, I'm him lol. The list goes on and on but just stay true, and solid, and you'll overcome. Trust me.

Snapchat: escarlos03

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