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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Wife of New Edition's Ricky Bell, Songstress Amy Correa Bell releases “Anyways”

 Amy Correa Bell has released her latest single and accompanying video, “Anyways”. The song (produced by Beat Ventriloquists) and accompanying video (directed by Valentina Vee) are a follow-up to her 2019 solo EP, “AMY818”. This track shows a more mature outing from her previous releases, with raw and personalized lyrics evoking the challenges of living in a committed relationship. The video features stylized choreography, while the cinematic imagery and story take the viewer through scenes showing the highs and lows couples often experience. 

She has evolved from a group-oriented performer to a solo artist, and her new release “Anyways” is the signpost between her past releases and future work. Her vocals drip with emotional vulnerability and the analog synth influences harken back to 80s soundtracks with a “Stranger Things” future feel. 

Eager to share herself creatively on stage and in the studio, Amy has gained notoriety while captivating audiences with her unique voice and infectious, upbeat energy. With musical inspirations like Michael Jackson, Madonna, New Edition, Nirvana, Sting, and No Doubt, her sound can be described as a mesh of her inspirations - 90s Alternative, Hip Hop, Alt R&B, Electronic, and Iconic Pop from the 80s onward. Her ability to fuse styles has made her music both fresh and nostalgic at the same time. 

Using Madonna’s artistic path as inspiration, Amy Correa Bell is now pursuing acting roles that also showcase her music in supporting soundtracks with her distinctive sound. An upcoming role in the movie “Garlic Parmesan” shows Amy playing a comedic role and features her unreleased track “First Time”. 


Amy, proudly Latina and native to Southern California, claims her roots in the Equestrian Area of the San Fernando Valley, honoring her influences from this region: Ritchie Valens, Danny Trejo, and Patrick Swayze. 

Her parents played a pivotal role in her early years, encouraging Amy in all of her dramatic and musical pursuits.  In addition, her two older brothers, both DJs, and Producers in their own right had an influence in exposing Amy to the best of music, while guiding her path as a singer and musician. 

As a child actress in the film industry, her first record deal with all-girl pop band Gyrlz Society in 2000 was a natural progression from her early acting career and provided invaluable experience in the studio and on stage. Success kept Amy busy as she performed and toured in multiple pop-punk bands and later transitioned into a solo artist in 2018 with her debut single “Gold” featuring Ricky Bell of New Edition and Bell Biv Devoe fame.  As a master of his trade, husband, and mentor Ricky has guided Amy in the discipline and craft of song creation and performance. 

She is currently working on her newest music, with plans to release some versions in both English and Spanish to show off her incredible range as a global artist. 

Amy’s work stirs up nostalgia and allows the audience to participate in her growth as an artist through her music releases. Fans across the globe experience Amy Correa Bell, a triple threat who enjoys melding all of her talents into the artist she has always dreamed of becoming.


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