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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Average Black Girl: To Celebrate 300,000 Views On YouTube, Here Is 30% Off!

Last week, I Danielle Mitchell hit a goal and hit 300,000 views on YouTube! Youtube is my collection over the years of content.

Some teaching, some videos allowing you to get to know me, some tips and tricks but all very useful.

I always tell people who are on the fence about working with me to start on YouTube! See if you like my FREE work and we can go from there!

If you are on the fence about creating one for your own brand, I highly recommend it. It is a great lead generator. By the time people are actually in my inbox, the majority of the time, it is truly not a cold call and the closing rates are higher.

The thing about YouTube is you do not have to be uber-famous to make an impact and consistency beats perfectionism.

If you have never seen my channel look HERE! 

To celebrate my milestone, my signature course, "MARKETING MAKES CENTS" is 30% off when you use the code 300000.

This course is what I have put my heart and soul into. I break down exactly how I was able to scale my business with selling and creating digital products.

Getting this course now will be able to have you ready by Black Friday for your own launch!

Grab Your Course HERE!

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